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Friday, August 25, 2006

New Member to EGJUG

Today I subscribed to the EGJUG (Egyptian Java Users Group)
You can visit it on http://www.egjug.org

I think it's a quite cool step, I hope it will be a healthy group.
I checked the projects proposed. Well I still have no idea whether I can contribute in one of them or not yet. It will depend basically on my time schedule and priorities.

Wt I liked...is that members look enthusiastic.

mmm, my first contribution was comment added on the sample logo they will publish for the group. I found it too crowded and fancy. Although, I liked the efforts and the spirit beyond the logo.

Pluto is an "ex-planet"

There in no Pluto Anymore.....
Bye Pluto,

It seems that size does matter in space, and the downgrading of Pluto to a mere "dwarf planet" has put teachers, publishers and toy manufacturers into a bit of a spin. We will all now have to adjust to the fact that our solar system has only eight official planets and not nine. This was the decision of the International Astronomical Union, meeting in Prague to reclassify Pluto and put an end to years of debate over what exactly is a planet.

Scientist Jocelyn Bell Burell said: "The recommendation is that we consider Pluto and other similar trans-Neptunian objects to be in a special class of which Pluto was the first to be discovered."

Pluto's discovery was in 1930 but the rapid development of more powerful telescopes has revealed several similar masses.

Michael Shara, curator at New York's Natural History Museum said: "This decision in fact affects the way we look at the evolution of our solar system. The reason Pluto isn't a planet is because Pluto doesn't control the gravity and the orbits of all the objects near it."

Smaller than several moons, Pluto, the dwarf planet, is due to be reached by a US unmanned spacecraft in the year 2015.

It seems that we r in the age of "ElKoosa", just because pluto is small , he couldn't defend himself. and unfortunately they pick on him... :-)

I think we still have another Pluto.......

Thursday, August 24, 2006

First Who.....Then What

The executives who ignited the transformations from good to great did not first figure out where to drive the bus and then get people to take it there. No, they first got the right people on the bus (and the wrong people off the bus) and then figured out where to drive it. They said, in essence, "Look, I don't know where we should take this bus. But I know this much: If we get the right people on the bus, the right people in the right seats, and the wrong people off the bus, then we will figure out how to take it someplace great."

This short article is based on a great book "Good to GREAT".

I found it very logic, I experienced this already…It's all about the people.

If you begin with a good mindset "the who" rather than a predefined goal you have more flexibility to adapt yourself to a changing world.

Even though someone has the wrong people, and he has a great vision and can drive in the right direction. Well, he has made it once; does this mean he can make it another time? Does this mean he finds his way to "Great"? At least he didn't invest in his team (assuming of course that he has the wrong people).

Saturday, August 19, 2006

To be "within a Party" or not to be

I think a lot of joining a political party. I thought of joining "Ikhwan" and "AlGhad", but i was hesitating.
well, why i am still hesitating in that issue. I don't know actually wt's up with me. but I have some thoughts that mayb the cause preventing me from taking this step.

My life style: I beleive very much in the dynamic style. I beleive in short period plans more than long term ones. I prefer to react based on the events I face. I call it "the on the fly reaction". If I want to talk with discuss an issue with somebody an issue, I leave the conversation leads me without preparing something.

This style makes me unlike the "party's style". It is known that the party works on predefined policy and planned attitude.

For some how, I guess I am not an easy person to fellow a leader; Although I am an easy person to be managed. I don't like to be directed in my thoughts and my ideas. I like to analyse the situations based on my mindset.

I can remember the Malcolm X biography. when he was fellowing the NOI (Nation Of Islam) leader Elijah Muhammad and he felt for some how that he doesn't agree finally with all his actions....but it was too late, he continues for some time the fellowship, although he knows he doesn't feel comfortable. It was just the fair of facing his master after all.
I feel that when someone is involved with a party, it is difficult to refresh his ideas and his culture, because in some time he will be just motivated by the "party's inertia" he got a long and long time ago.
Also, I think that the party's engagement makes the person more distracted from the real aim "the nation", because he will b busy defending his party against enemies of other parties, coordinationg his party and fighting the factions....etc

Till the moment I am not involved within a party, mayb i will b later, or i will never b. actually i don't know. i don't plan for this. If i feel the need of joining a party, i will do it. and mayb i am wrong abt my theory, and mayb i shouldn't put it as a generic case or sthg!

but this imposes a big question, are we able to be able to define our path? is each individual can be aware of the impact of his actions on the whole society? are we aware enough of the political tricks?
if the answer is no, then everyone should search how to b able to b an effective cell of the society , to be a "Self Party" or "Mono Party".

Reading, Learning, Observing, Thinking.......
These are not conventions we use only just to pass the exams and get certificates.

Friday, August 18, 2006


it's clear now that a lot of the ppl i love arround me are involved in the same dilemma.
I wish i could help them getting out off this. but.....

Anyway, i will do my best.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

A Walk through Self Managed Team

:) i have to start blogging this post by smiling and laughing for the few weeks i spent in a new model adopted by my company.
what is making me smiling is that the team was broken mainly by the definition and the key words!!!
i will tell that in details later.

for good luck, i was selected as a small lab among my company to launch smaller teams working as "Self Managed Teams". we were assigned to the product team, handling the SalesBuzz product.

Without going in deep details abt the salesbuzz and its value in the Middle East market, I can refer to this later in another post talking abt my working experience during the last year.

The mission wasn't so simple, I have to confess. In the same time I have to say that I was enjoying the experiment very much, and I would happily continue it.

To be honest, I took the adventure as it is. So I didn't try to read abt self managed teams. But now for documentation purposes I will write down some of the definition and the advantages and the pitfalls from my point of view.

Self-Managed Team: A group of people working together in their own ways toward a common goal which is defined outside the team. And this is so far wt happened with our experiment. We had to work as a group of four, to achieve some goal predefined to us. All we had to do is to decide whether we can fit to these targets or not.

1-The SMT adds some enthusiasm to the team members.

2-Knowledge share.


Well I can c a lot of benefits in this model. But I won't go so deep in this. I think it's clear enough.

I remember one of the team members saying "I like the SMT, it gives me ownership, and I perform better when I feel the ownership".

Another one: "it helps me achieving my dream and my career path".

I can highlight some notes I think they r very important in forming ur first team.

1- When u want to develop this model for the first time in ur organization on a sample of ur employees; it will b better to do it with a familiar team. Members already feel comfortable together and understand each other. In this case success of the self managed team is guaranteed with higher probabilities. Then u can make profit from this team success because it will give a push for the other teams to start this experiment. The other teams will b motivated by the first team success. Otherwise u will find a group of unfamiliar and unmotivated people destroying themselves under the work load.

2- Try to listen carefully and periodically to the team status. Listen to the team members and their ideas and their feelings. Don't neglect their complaints.

3- Picking the people to fulfill the model must be based on prehistoric analysis. Try to select the people having the leadership skills, ownership, risks takers and learners. Otherwise, believe me u will b losing ur money and ur time.

4- The teammates must be close to each other in the technical side. Otherwise the most skillful member will b overloaded and u will find him always suffering. Also he will feel boring from dealing with the team.

5- Keep the load balanced between all the team members.

I believe that this experiment gave me a lot of things.

Although, I believed that the team had to have a team leader.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

أقوال لا أفعال

النهاردة آمنت بمشكلتنا خلاص.

احنا أجدع ناس تتكلم و تجعجع و ترمى المسئولية على غيرها.

ممكن يبقى الواحد قاعد مع واحد صحبو بيشوف الأخبار، و لتكن أخبار لبنان: تسمع كلام زى الدهب و آراء سياسية و شتيمة فى الحكام العرب و الأمريكان الملاعين و اليهود الللى يستهلو الحرق.

حبة حبة الكلام يبقى دخان. و أول ماتقلب قناة الجزيرة...قشطة يا معلم، كان كلام الواحد بيفك بيه نفسه.

طب أنا عايز اسأل سؤال: لو اليهود يستهلو الحرق، مين اللى حيحرقهم؟!

و وقت الجد مابتلاقيش حد جنبك. أى حد مننا عمل ايه للبنان و لا فلسطين ولا الناس اللى غرقوا فى العبارة و لا ولا ولا......؟

خلاصة الكلام احنا بنحب نشتكى عالفاضى وعالمليان، بس المشكلة اننا عمرنا مابنفكر ازاى نغير وضعنا ده.

احنا حالتنا بتدهور وماحدش يستخق الحرق غيرنا لأننا اللى سايبنهم يبهدلونا.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A Call For Action

Today I started the donnations Campaign for the Lebanon.
I regret i didn't start it a long time ago, But thanks Allah.
i sent an email to my friends, and i wish they forward it to their friends as well. the email was as following:
Salamo Alekom we Ra7mato Allah we Barakato;

Lebanon's infrastructure was targeted and hundreds of Lebanese civilians were massacred. Over 700,000 civilians [20% of Lebanonï؟½s population] were forced to find refuge in Beirut and the North.Israel has imposed a sea, air and land blockade on Lebanon.
I feel shame for the Arab not showing any kind of solidarity.
I beleive that Our aim is to provide help and relief to the refugees who fled the regions under attack as well as to strengthen solidarity between the Arab citizens regardless of political or religious affiliations. We may try to maintain a steady flow of supplies to families in need, thanks to the financial support of Lebanese, Arab and international contributors. There are already many contacts for organizations inside Lebanon who can offer the support from inside.

i was in a discussion lately with one of my friends abt wt we can do for Lebanon. Specially that Hassan Nassr-Allah announced that they need political support more than money and food. but in my opinion this statement was directed to the leaders, the leaders who attacked Huzab-Allah. and from other point, our reaction toward a lebanon can be interpreted as political support.

we need donnation for Lebanon, we gather money for their relief.
u can donnate through the "international federation of red cross and red crescent societies" (http://www.ifrc.org/)
or u can contact me and i will take the donnations to transfer them insha2allah.
this is at least wt we can do

thx very much for ur time and ur contribution helping our brothers.
they deeply need our support.
waiting for ur call.

salamo alekom we ra7mato allah we barakato.

best regards,

Ahmed Abd-ElHaffiez

May Allah enlarge our effect for Lebanon.

Friday, August 04, 2006

S’il fallait tout donner..Je le donne sans hésiter

S’il fallait tout donner

De ma modeste gloire

Pour éviter les larmes

Et le feu et le sang

Et pouvoir écrire

Quelque année d’histoire

Je donnerais tout sans hésite un instant

S’il fallait rester rien

Une vie toute entière

A jamais appliquer

Toutes mes ambitions

Moi je ne ferai rien

Jusqu'à aussi me tienne

Si la vie revenait

A tous mes compagnons

Mais bien sûr

On se perds

Dans le grand tourbions

Des folies, des erreurs

Des crimes et des passions

On s'est perdu bien sûr

Ou été la raison

Et le regrée demeure

Au-delà des chansons

Mais pouvoir tout donner

De ma modeste vie

Pour proscrire a jamais

Et le feu et le sang

Et pouvoir effacer

Ses années de folies

Oui je donnerai tous

Oui tous a cet instant

S’il fallait rester rien

Une vie toute entière

A jamais appliquer

Toutes mes ambitions

Moi je ne ferai rien

Jusqu'à aussi me tienne

Si la vie revenait

A tous mes compagnons

Mais bien sûr

Je le sais

On n’y peu rien changer

Le vérité est tirée

Il a fallu l'accepté

Sur la route aujourd’hui

Il faut se retrouver

Pour y croire a nouveau

Et puis toujours y croire

S’il fallait rester rien

Une vie toute entière

A jamais appliquer

Toutes mes ambitions

Moi je ne ferai rien

Jusqu'à aussi me tienne

Si la vie revenait

A tous mes compagnons

Si la vie revenait

A tous mes compagnonnnnnnnnnns

Les Rois du Monde

Les rois du monde vivent au sommet
Ils ont la plus belle vue mais y a un mais
Ils ne savent pas ce qu'on pense d'eux en bas
Ils ne savent pas qu'ici c'est nous les rois

Les rois du monde font tout ce qu'ils veulent
Ils ont du monde autour d'eux mais ils sont seuls
Dans leurs châteaux là-haut, ils s'ennuient
Pendant qu'en bas nous on danse toute la nuit

Nous on fait l'amour on vit la vie
Jour après jour nuit après nuit
A quoi ça sert d'être sur la terre
Si c'est pour faire nos vies à genoux
On sait que le temps c'est comme le vent
De vivre y a que ça d'important
On se fout pas mal de la morale
On sait bien qu'on fait pas de mal

Les rois du monde ont peur de tout
C'est qu'ils confondent les chiens et les loups
Ils font des pièges où ils tomberont un jour
Ils se protègent de tout même de l'amour

Les rois du monde se battent entre eux
C'est qu'y a de la place, mais pour un pas pour deux
Et nous en bas leur guerre on la fera pas
On sait même pas pourquoi tout ça c'est jeux de rois

Thursday, July 27, 2006

They are still calling me


7 years before. I contributed with my friends from the school in a wonderful activity.
it was a "festival" as entertainment for the poor children.
wt makes me proud that those some of these children are still calling me till now.
here they r now are going to their high education, while i know them while they were in 1st preparatory year, and i didn't c them since this year.

but they still remeber me, calling me periodically.

i felt success to make such effect with the children.

Today i received a call from the little "sarah", the small girl to whom i was explaining maths and science of first preparatory year, she called me telling me that she is now accepted in 2adab faculty and she wish to get the libraries department.
"Allo 'Chef Ahmed' i succeded and i am calling to tell u so"She said.
well, i was known there by 'Chef Ahmed' .

I wish I can make the same effect with all people I meet.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Hello Mr. Instructor

"oh! Hello! how r u bashmohandess Ahmed?"
"I am fine AHL"
"We havea serious problem :( our son is genius but he didn't pass the exams"
"how bad?"
"he didn't pass all the exams"
" :S "
"even the computer and the humanities and the english"

this dialog i heard it many times this year.
a lot of ppl complaining that the there is sthg wrong with the faculty control system. my task as an instructor seems not to be easy. they expect that i am a superman :S
i have challenge with introducing some stupid subjects in the course. i don't know how can i explain (english, computer, production and humanities) courses. ohh! this is terrible for sure. all these subjects are theoretical. There is nthg to do with understanding them!!!

my problem that the worriness i felt in the parents eyes pushed me to feel pity and accept to do it.
I ask Allah to help me.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Bashmohandess Fizo

Today i started my first lessons to preparatory year, faculty of engineering.
I asked myself, y did i agree on doing sthg totally out of my scope in the career and the life?

the answer was that i am not doing that for money, i have no intentiong to gain money from this.
all wt i was thinking abt is that the ppl whom i teach these lessons need deeply the help.
they r american schools graduates, or IG.
the guys have no prerequisites for the faculty of engineering. and they have serious problems in understanding the materials of the preparatory year.

i have always liked to transfer my knowledge to the others, and i think this is very good chance for me to satisfy my targets. i am not just a teacher. i give them guidlines how they should think, and how they should manage their times.

i think it's a wonderful chance for me to achieve sthg on this ground.

but i don't like when they call me "bashmohandess" nor "7adretak". but anywa it is nice to make a prestige:)

walla eh?!!!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Who is the most..?

yesterday i was watching the animal planet...:)
i really enjoyed every single moment. Sub7an Allah El 3azim.

i noticed...muhm! all the males are more beuatiful than the females. in all kinds of animals without exceptions.
but you find the males are doing their best to gain the female. i couldn't say anythg other than "ya 3abit ..3ala eh ya3ni!!"
then i was questioning "y all the males are more beautiful than females except for us.. "
hey!!! y it's the typical case, mayb we r blind just like all other males and think the females are more beautiful!!
who said that they r the most beatiful!!!!

The Second Time

It's the second time I pass out in the house.
but ahl this time was better than the previous time, it lasted for shorter period. also, i didn't feel so bad after conscious.

first i started to feel that all blod is running and explosing from my head.
after that i felt nothing, a white colour flollowed by black one...
then the noise of the ppl arround me, pushing me and shouting to my face.

my dad was arround in both times. in the first time he thought me kidding. but this time he took it seriously immediately.

It seems that I am not healthy, and mayb i will face serious problems in the future isa.

AHL 3ala kol she2.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Yoooooh...this sounds impractical

i hate those guys who "yetfazlek".
i like simplicity, and i a dmire everyone who takes everything as simple as it is. El 7ayah mesh mestahla el fazlaka el far3'a.

i think that fazlaket el 7agat makes the "metfazlek" go in another way totally far of his reality, and he simply forgets the practical part.
for example, if u have a friend"fazlook", and as a friend u want to tell him abt ur problems...don't be shocked of the kind of angry u will feel when he will start to tell u his opinion.
u just feel enak 7atangagerrr men kotr el kalka3a wel la mawdo3eya eli beytkallem biha.
i beleive that there is a big difference between practice and theory.
and i hope that ppl yebatalo fazlaka and think abt the others in a practical way, totally away of their high damn towers...

Sunday, June 25, 2006

the ceremony

5elest men wa7da we fadel el tanyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Aly (The juniors Revolution Scene2)


Aly is not an impressive person on paper. You have to meet him to drill in his charm hidden behind his strict countenance.

He is young man, new fresh graduate, motivated, just like any one else of his peers, by the dream of a better world and the promising career.

From age four, the Aly's intelligence was clear to anybody to expect the brilliant future of that skillfulness child.

Aly was a good player. The sport has a big effect on his skills. He was leading his team as a commander in a battlefield, planning, managing, shouting and doing his best to make his team wins.

His teammates were feeling safe just because he is on their site playing with them and giving them the eagerness to win their match. His leadership skills deserved their respects.

Aly has never forgotten that Nabil didn't allow to him to extend his talent to be more than a match at school with the friends. Nabil rejected all Aly's essays to be a professional player. He wanted him to focus on his study, that's all. On the other hand, Aly was thinking that this wasn't reasonable to ruin his talent.

At this point, we moved to another factor influencing his personality. The kind of oppression that Aly felt by his father sway stoked a mutiny toward any kind of manacle.

Aly got the B.Sc of Computer Science, from faculty of engineering, Alexandria University. He was deeply related to his 'Alexandria'; the second largest city and the main port of Egypt. All Alexandria's citizens believe that Alexandria, the shining pearl of the Mediterranean, and the beacon radiating its culture and heritage to the world at large.

The moments when he was taking a walk across the beach, contemplating the sun embracing the blue sea in a magnificent oil painting, were unforgotten. He believed the painting inspired him the peace of mind, and calmness.

Let's back to the career path. During the four academic years in the computer department, Aly was cultivating his leadership skills. Genuinely, the academic life fashion in his department could promote anyone seeking developing his communications skills. By nature, there were a lot of assignments which are delivered by groups and not individuals. Hence, picking the good colleagues interchanges the knowledge and spreads the team culture among the members; recalling that Aly had already some basis culture due to his sport hobbies.

None of the team skills were the attractive key in Aly, they were just a small drop in the sea.

Aly's flexibility was amazing; he has a great ability to motivate himself, to shape his character to accommodate the surrounding environment. His social intelligence was worth all respect from his peers, he could gain the friendship of anyone easily.

Aly has his own shortcomings after all; and who else don't?

The first pace on his career path was getting a job in a good promising software house where he feelt comfortable so far.

But, does feeling comfortable for a period of time mean perfection for Aly!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Fable_The Juniors Revolution(Scene1)

The Fable

"Oh My God! How could you lose such an easy chance?!! come on.. This is not your best". Shouted Aly.

The father "Nabil Yazbak" trotted to see what's going with that noise. "What's up? What was the noise all about?!" Nabil waited few seconds for an answer, but vainly. All what he saw was his son squatting in the dark, gazing with his narrow, dark eyes. Nabil hesitated between posing the question a second time, and leaving his son enjoying his seclusion. Finally he decided to proceed for a short conversation.

"So… You didn't tell me what was it all about?" Nabil shrugged.

"Oh, uh, I am really watching the match" he was attempting to cut off the conversation by pointing to the television.

Propelled by curiosity, Nabil decided to join his son in watching the show.

Aly, motivated by his father's anxiety to join him, volunteered to give his father some information; "it's Portugal dad, uh, against Angola. It should be a good match". He paused; when he saw his dad nodding the head as he was saying 'Go on, I am listening'. He added "the Portugal is talented, while Angola seems to be enthusiastic and eager to success. And I think this all what we need to see real football; hence, real world cup".

Nabil asked in sarcastic accent "and you neglected the real teams?"

Aly got confused by the latter question, he nodded to his father as like he was saying 'that's what I am talking about'.

Nabil pursuit "you have to be aware of the difference between talented team and good team…" he paused when the commentator shouted 'and another chance..Wasted by Cristiano Ronaldo…'

Aly in an admiring accent "oh, how much I like that Ronaldo, he is very talented player. Look, how he did this!"

Nabil took a stab "u mean that any other player could not do better than this?"

Aly jumped in to defend his hero "for sure not, he is very young and talented. I doubt anyone could do better, he’s worth millions of euros, for sure this is due to good reasons. Those people don't pay for worthless people. Maybe you say..". Nabil interrupted. "I don't say anything; I’m not questioning Ronaldo's talent. I just prefer Pauleta or Luis Figo and I give Figo more appreciation". He paused to steal a look at the match, then pursuit "as I see in that ARENA, Figo is an inspiring member, on the other hand I just feel that Ronaldo is interested in his statistics and whether he received individual recognition like a picture in the paper and such sort of stuffs."

Aly took few seconds to digest his father speech, but this time Nabil pursuits without waiting for Aly to discuss the Ronaldo Vs Figo issue. "I believe you don't feel good just because the best C developer is in your team. Do you? And maybe you are sure that the Brazil will win the cup just because the team collects the most talented players in the world". Nabil found that these attacking words were enough for his son, and he thought to give him the time to digest them.

And then he said "or whatever you think, then he left the room"

Aly stayed alone, watching the "ARENA" as his dad referred to the match. He was thinking about the possibility that he could be wrong about his thoughts, and whether his hero was a fake.

Even he seemed to be sobered by the speech, he would never think that from the moment, everything would be an ongoing pain.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Trust

I belive now that the absence of trust among team members is the first dysfunction.
The team becomes fractured...
A fractured team is like a broken arm or leg; fixing it is always painful, and sometimes you have to rebreak it to make it heal correctly. And the rebreak hurts a lot more than the initial break, because u have to do it on purpose.
If a team member has no ability to trust his teammate....Rebreak him immediately.
generally speaking, the absence of trust stems from the members' unwillingness to be vulnerable within the group.
Team members who are not genuinely open with one another about their mistakes and weaknesses make it impossible to buil a foundation for trust.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Tous les soleils de l'amitié

je me souviens que, récemment, j'ai rencontré beaucoup de gens ont perdu confiance aux autruis; il était pènible de les convaincre de l'importance de l'amitié!!!!!

Chante avec moi, que tout va bien
Même si c'est faux, ça ne fait rien
Il reste encore pour espérer
Tous les soleils de l'amitié

Réveille-toi c'est beau la vie
Et si ton coeur a des ennuis
On t'offrira pour oublier
Tous les soleils de l'amitié

On prédit la fin du monde pour demain
Mais je ne suis pas d'accord
On ne fait jamais confiance aux humains
C'est un tort

Ce n'est pas pour quelques hommes en révolte
Que nous allons perdre espoir
On finira par les mettre à la porte
Tôt ou tard

Chante avec moi, que tout va bien
Même si c'est faux, ça ne fait rien
Il reste encore pour espérer
Tous les soleils de l'amitié

Rien ne doit nous empêcher d'être heureux
Et de rêver comme on veut
La pluie n'inquiète pas le pèlerin
En chemin

La terre n'est pas prête de s'arrêter
Si nous la faisions tourner
C'est la solitude qui tue l'amour
De nos jours

Chante avec moi, que tout va bien
Même si c'est faux, ça ne fait rien
Il reste encore pour espérer
Tous les soleils de l'amitié

Réveille-toi c'est beau la vie
Et si ton coeur a des ennuis
On t'offrira pour oublier
Tous les soleils de l'amitié

Chante avec moi, que tout va bien
Même si c'est faux, ça ne fait rien
Il reste encore pour espérer
Tous les soleils de l'amitié

Réveille-toi c'est beau la vie
Et si ton coeur a des ennuis
On t'offrira pour oublier
Tous les soleils de l'amitié

It's hard my beloved

I am burning my beloved.....
I am depressed....

The night must have an end........
Just our hope must be rescued....

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


je cherche protection auprès de toi contre la mécréances et la pauvreté et je me mets sous ta protection contre les tourments de la tombe
je te demande la santé dans cette vie et dans l'au-delà ya rabi je te demande le pardon et la paix dans ma religion, ma vie, ma famille et mes biens
cache mes defaults et mets-moi à l'abri de tous mes effroits. protège-moi devant moi derrière-moi
et je me mets sous la protection de ta grandeur pour que je ne sois pas chatié par la désparition sous terre
je te demande un savoir utile, une bonne subsistance et des oeuvres agréées, tu es mon dieu , tu m'as crée et je suis ton esclave.

Mon ami
du France Yehia Yohan...

The cairo day

Tuesday i have been to cairo.

it was a nice day, i attended to the SCM (software configuration management) course in Hilton.

i don’t have a lot of time to write abt the day :(mayb later i will do.
i just wanted to report two funny scenes.
i am not joking nor pretending. i saw an ant there, an ant in Hilton!!!
the ant was abt 2 cm!!

i didn’t c the SCM course very useful, it is very theoretical. i beleive that if someone doesn’t have the skills, he won’t get it by attending that course.

also, the english accent of the instructor is insupportable.

anyway, i got sthg i liked to propose on our group.

a smart process called traceability_Matrix. i think that we can implement it in a web based. well, wt is that mtarix abt??????

simply, i think we suffer from multiple folders we have, and which version of code satisfies which bug fixes, and which design document describe this version implementation..and which…and which… whi… also, having a folder and Bugzilla for the customer X different than Y encourage the salesbuzz to expand into branches. The traceablityMatrix is a table containing fields linking the various documents to the version controller and the test cases applied.

so, following the scenario when a change requirement arrives:

1- an automatic ID filled is generated to the new entry

2- the field requestID is filled by the customer ID or the team member ID.

3- the description is entered describing the change req.

4- the requirement priority is entered: it can be in range(wish list–>blocker).

5- dependency , whether it depends on another req or not.

6- Analysis field indicates the team member who did the analysis for the req.

7- changes Approval ID: indicates the ID of the approval document of the Project manager and the customer on the cost and such things.

8- Design ID: links to the document carrying the design changes or the document version describing the design of the new req version.

9- Code: version ID of the code on the version controller.

10- Unit test case Id. done on the realease done to that release.

11- Integration test ID. the integration test done to test the whole ssystem with the application.

12- test case description.

i think making it in web based in very flexible and nice. becasue just keeping it as a document is not promising at all.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

La Solitude

Pour avoir si souvent dormi avec ma solitude,
Je m'en suis fait presqu'une amie, presqu'Une douce habitude.
Ell' ne me quitte pas d'un pas, Fidèle comme une ombre
Elle m'a suivi ça et là aux quatre coins du monde.

Non, je ne suis jamais seul avec ma solitude

Quand elle est au creux de mon lit, Elle prend toute la place.
Et nous passons de longues nuits,Tous les deux face à face.
Je ne sais vraiment pas jusqu'où ira cette complice.
Faudra-t-il que j'y prenne goût, Ou que je réagisse?

Par elle, j'ai autant appris que j'ai versé de larmes.
Si parfois je la répudie Jamais elle ne désarme,
Et si je préfère l'amour d'une autre courtisane,
Elle sera à mon dernier jour ma dernière compagne.

Non, je ne suis jamais seul
Avec ma solitude

Chanson simple

restant silencieux dans ta chambre, en imaginant.
C'est une chanson simple que je te donne, Aussi facile qu'elle est tendre, Tu sais ce sont parfois, les mots très simples, Les plus difficiles à entendre.
Laisse-toi guider au bord des mots, Et regarde au bout de tes pas, Le gouffre profond où sont jetées, Toutes ces phrases qu'on ne dit pas.
Tous nos silences je les pardonne, Laisse-moi les ramener à la vie, Par une chanson simple que je te donne, Toi qui fus mon meilleur ami.
Depuis que les années ont passé, Et l'avenir s'est embrumé, Regarde nous deux devenus victimes, D'être tombés entre les lignes.
Si chaque instant éveille le regret, Si on n'se revoyait jamais, Quand tu penseras à ceux que tu aimais, Souviens-toi que je vis en toi, Souviens-toi que je lis en toi.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

the Crew

today i got a surprise.

i was totally astonished.
i got a gift from my company. it was really nice.
it's first time i get such present.
it's a digital Cam ...terrific

i am not the only one who get a present. there were 3 also. they got MP3 players :) everyone desrved a gift on his way.
mayb i deserved it bcoz i am the thinnest one in the company as meedo says..:) then i should keep on it.
next time, i should ask for a car or a bride.

this company has a high family spirit.

...Job Fair days


today i take a cab.

i just wanted to make a note that the driver was listening to Eminem.:)
i was thinking wt's up. but i couldn't get a reason.....

Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Interview Script

Here it is the script of our seminar. The script that was so natural and expressive, so far.
i beleive that the most impressive part of it, is the pre-interview scenes.
it really reflects sthg of the reality, which makes it the most pwerful and interactive one. all the candidates interacted with it very well.
i hope that this script is an unforgetable experience of my life.

Scene 1:

Splash Screen for eSpace


Mode: Text Screen

Charcters: None.

Location: None.

Objective: Attractive Start.

Music: Silence

Description:: displays the following text.


Haza el film we ma ya7tawih men sha5seyat howa men nasg 5ayal el mo2alef.

We ay tashaboh ben a7dath el film we al wake3 howa men kabil el sodfa el ba7tta.


Mode: fast motion

Charcters: Karim as Kimo.

Hamdy as Tito.

Location: Office, in a room where there exist more or equal than 4 PC's.

Objective: Significance that eSpace needs new developers.

Music: fast music.

Description: in a fast motion mode Kimo&Tito access all the PCs in the room.

They move from one PC to the other in a Spagetti way. Things fall of disks……


Mode: Normal

Charcters: Kimo.


Location: Office, in a room where there exist more or equal than 4 PC's.

Objective: An introduction to the movie idea.

Music: mayb a background music or none. It's not essential.

Description: Kimo&Tito sweating looks exhausted.

Kimo: ana te3ebt ya 3am. Bass el nass eli me3ana kollohom mash3'olin fi elprojects eli me3ahom.

Tito: 3andak 7a2; e7na AHL 3amalna makan kowayess fi el market during last year, we galna projects in the last short period.

Kimo: ma7na el mafrood ba2a nefadi wa2t 3ashan ne5tar 7ad gedid, e7na fe3lan me7tagin 7ad me3ana.

Tito: e7na momken ne3mel e3lan 3an recruitment ; wana kaman sama3t en el dof3a el gedida kowayessa. Momken ne5tar kam wa7ed menhom nebtedi ma3ahom el mar7ala el gaya isa.

Kimo: tab fekra kowayessa, te3raf 7ad menhom?

Tito: mesh fekret a3raf 7ad menhom, fi job fair beta3 el koleya, momken neshoof fih eh el nezam. Bass el fekra enema ezay nedy fekra 3an gaw eSpace. We eh heya el 7agat eli benrakez 3aleha 3andena.

Kimo: ana shayef enak tewasal el culture beta3et eSpace heya aham 7aga. Bass enema ne5ali wa7ed yo2aff yetkallem di mesh powerful awi.

Tito: tefteker mathalan momken ne3mel eh? Negebhom yeshofo espace zeyara mathalan we yeshofo el atmoshphere 3andena 3amel ezay?

Kimo: mesh awi keda, bass momken ne3mel 7aga shabah keda enema nesawar lohom interview we yeshofo el denia 3amla ezay wel gaw eh beta3 el nass.

Tito: 7elwa di, fekra gedida we shaklaha laziz. Ta3ala neshoof CV men el 7abba dol.

(a different day where they receive some CVs as result of their announcement)

Kimo: el CV da shaklo maktoob kowayess, el spelling fih kowayess we shaklo expressive awi. ta3ala nekalemo.

(tito holds the phone…..sound of the ring)


Mode: Normal

Charcters: Ehab as Bibo.

Location: Home, in a room.

Objective: A spot on the candidate reaction. The scene describes a behalf of a stressed candidate. His expectations and imagination will be negatively affected by his worry. There is no need to be frustrated or panic.

Music: before the telephone rings o3'neya nakad. Ba3d keda music faray7i shewaya.

Description: Bibo (Upset) is sitting in the room, and he is putting a lot of telephones in front of him waiting for anyone of them to ring.

(comic scene abt disturbtion of many wrong calls then the telephone rings, bibo ready to jump)

Bibo: aiwa ana bibo….isa isa…okay …bye.

AHL, rabena yekremni bokra ba2a isa. Fadel bass eni azabat el 7agat beta3ti 3ashan aroo7 faye2 bokra….

(el denia tedallem)


Mode: Normal

Charcters: Bibo,Kimo,Tito.

Location: eSpace.

Objective: wrongfully expectations, CV must be well revised.

Music: first scary music mainly of heart beats, and then steps sound….

Description: Bibo (scary) walking in a corridor towards a door. Opens the door.

(scary music)

(light on)

(bibo walking then opens the door which makes a noise)

(the interviewer look a little bit evil aggressively speaking)

Kimo: enta 2oltelna esmak eh?

Bibo : (low sound) mmm…m.mmmm..bibo.

Tito: sorry?!

Bibo: m.m.m.bibo, ana bibo, aiwa ana bibo.

Tito: Eh eli maktoob fi el CV da? Maktoob……

Bibo: eh el maktoob 7adretak?

Tito: wana esh 3arafni , howa ana 3aref a2ra el 5att!! Mesh 3agebni, 5atto we7esh.

Kimo: enta leh mkatabtesh 3ala computer?

Bibo: asli kont mesta3gel.

Tito: tayeb, we enta kateb enak darast….eh di? Yabni, 4th betetkatab bil "u" we mafish "e" fi a5erha, katabtaha keda leh?

Bibo: mesh 3aref.

Kimo: yabni mesh da el CV beta3ak?

Bibo: warini keda. La2 mesh beta3i.

Tito: 2omal sooret meen di?


(Bibo recognized that he had a nightmare).

Bibo: AHL, ya sater, da kan kaboos fazi3. bla,,bla,,bla


Mode: Normal

Charcters: Bibo,Kimo,Tito.

Location: eSpace.

Objective: eSpace needs.

Music: first scary music mainly of heart beats, and then steps sound….

Description: Bibo walking in a corridor towards a door. He noticed that it is the same of the nightmare. And then Opens the door….(but this time he sees interviewers look better, so he starts to feel better )

Tito: ezayak ya bibo? 3amel eh? Bala blab la.

Bibo: tamam Ahl, bla,bla,bla..

Tito: momken nebtedi benak tekalemna 3an nafsak.

Bibo: a2ool eh ya3ni?

Kimo: 3adi ya3ni, enta shayef nafsak eh, aham 7aga betmayezak, eh hadafak fi el 7ayah ya3ni….7agat men keda.

Bibo: mesh 3aref, 3al 3emoom ana men el no3 eli mesh bey7eb yetkalem 3an nafso ketir. Ana ragel beta3 af3al.

Kimo: tayeb, ma3alena ,e7na shofna e lCV beta3ak we kan motamayez fa7abbena netkallem ma3ak shewaya 3an 7abbet no2at. We te2olena ra2yak fiha we keda.

Bibo: (looks having very proud)akid tab3an, etfadal.

Kimo: lama te7sal moshkela, hal bet7awel tela2i 7elool sahla walla 7elool sa3ba?

Bibo: (with a background of comic animated flash) ana zaki bilfetra, ya3ni AHL AHL wallaho akbar el 7elool elly batala3ha mesh ay 7ad ye2dar yestaw3ebha bisor3a.

Tito: wenta betfakar fi el 7elool di, e3temadak binesbet ad eh 3ala zamaylak.

Bibo: ah danta betetkallem 3an el teamwork ba2a?!

Kimo: 3alek nooor.

Bibo: (with a background of comic animated flash of wrongfuly teamwork thought)dana a7san team player momken tela2ih, el teamwork da ba7ebo gedan, a2ool eh walla eh bass?! Bla bla…

Tito: (with a background of animated flash of healthy teamwork thought) fe3lan 3andak 7a2, e7na fi eSpace, aham 7aga 3andena el teamwork…blab la.

Kimo: bass 7ekayet el team work di beteb2a me7taga 7aga ganbaha, ya3ni, lazem yekoon 3andak nass initiative, proactive, we nass yekoon 3andohom leadership…..

Bibo: mana AHL el 7agat di kollaha 3andi, ana dayman kont ba7eb amashi el nass (comic flash of wrong leadership). El leadership heya eli beterbot el nass, we lazem temsek el nass bi2id men 7adid…

Bass mesh di el 7agat bass eli enta me7tagha.

Tito: 2olena fi eh Kaman?

Bibo: challenge tab3an.

Tito: fe3lan el challenge di 7aga major.(flash abt right challenge)

Bibo: Me7tag 7abbet challenge fi el sekka 3ashan yekoon 3andak 5ol2 3al sho3'l welnass, we matezha2sh bisor3a. akid 7atwageh se3oobat we lazem tekoon wa2ef ded kol el 7agat di. (Comic flash of wrong thought)

Kimo: enta shayef nafsak eh Kaman kam sana?

Bibo: ana ba7eb akoon 3aref kol 7aga fi el sho3'l. eni keda akoon 7aga asaseya fi eSpacel, zay el gebna biltamatem. (in his head that he is sitting in the same position and doen't move for many years)

Kimo: eh 3elaket el 7agat di bili enta bet2olo? Thoma ana mesh ba7eb el gebna.

Tito: mesh moshkela 5alass. Tayeb enta shayef enta te2dar te7a2a2 da ezay?

Bibo: (fi dema3'o beyfakar "a5lass men eli beynafesi fi el sho3'l") Bilsho3'l tab3an.

Kimo: la2,asdi enak akid 7atkoon me7tag tetawar nafsak ma3 el ayam we tekoon mashi ma3 learning process.

Bibo: ah,ah. Kont 7a2olha.

Tito: (flash abt good learning ability) ya3ni nefham men keda enak bet7eb tet3allem 7agat gedida, we el technology? We dayman betdawar 3ala kol gedid, we enak mesh bet7eb teb2a expert in already familiar things?

Bibo: Absolutely (comic flash of bad static learner).

Tito: ma3andaksh 7aga te7eb tes2alhalna? Aw ay 7aga te7eb te3rafha 3an eSpace?

Bibo: ya3ni, mafish 7aga mo3ayana. Ana metabe3 eSpace men zaman we 3aref 3anha kol 7aga.

Kimo: e7na motashkerenn gedan 7edoorak we isa bla bla …..

Tito: bla bla bla

Bibo: blab la…



Mode: Normal

Charcters: Kimo,Tito.

Location: eSpace.

Objective: the competition is hot.

Music: none.

Description: kimo talking with tito. And in front of them a lot of CVs.

Tito: e7na less 2odamna CVs ketir.

Kimo: shed 7elak ya tito, hanet. Bass AHL ana shayef fi CVs ketir kowayessa we maktoob 7elw, we fi candidates ketir kowayessin.

Tito: ah,bass Kaman e3mel fi 7esabak el dof3a el gedida Kaman, lessa 7atewsalena menhom CVs isa.

Tito: okay , emsek el CV da bardo, we ta3ala nekallem sa7eb el CV.

(tito hold the phone again)

(the lights are off gradually)

(u hear only different ring phones, and different "allo" weaving together…..)

The end

I am who I am

Is it about motivation? Is it about talent? Is it a gift? Is it a nightmare?

The movie succeeded.

Most of the people, who saw it, reflected a good impression.

I was wondering what if the movie took more time. What if we did more preparation, what if we did…what if..what if…

I think the challenge was not doing the movie, but doing it in the absence of some major factors.

If I have prepared for the movie a year ago, I won't feel that happiness seeing people laughing. Because when I will c the success I will feel that it is a must after all these days working.

The actors were gr8 actually.

It's first time to me as a director. I felt that I could do more, and I couldn't stop thinking of new ideas that I have had to do in the movie.

I start to believe something, I am not an experienced person at all. But I noticed that when I take a step in a totally new field, I always find some value of talent.

For example, my preferred hobby of aerodynamics. When I started it, I inspired my colleagues of my in ideas building the Plan Body. I was able to make anybody likes my plans and prefer it on the other plans. The kids were considering me as their inspiration. I finally got the republic championship 1998.

Another example, when I started the social activities. I didn't expect that I am that person who can interact with children. I thought I was a very tough guy. I was thinking that sharing my friends in the social activities would b a nightmare. But I was totally wrong; day by day by day I was getting totally shocked. (I am not wt I am)

Another example, I consider joining the CSD was a coincidence and unplanned event in my life. I have never liked the Computer world. I was not interested in it at all during my life; I didn't expect myself as a computer engineer.

Anyway, here I am a computer engineer. Changing my career suddenly could ruin my life. But I was again shocked from my performance in the department. Maybe, I could be better in another place, but I don't know.

My problem that, assuming I will believe that I have some talent, I believe that I am not that kind of persons who reach the topL

I don't know in wt field I can reach the top, or wt field I can b considered an exceptional person!!!

Can I b an exceptional in any field I want?

Or I am just a talent (assuming) guy who has minimum requirements for some positions?

Does "having" some basic ideas in many fields distract me and put me out of focus?

If so, wt should I do?

Am I who I really think I am?!!!!!!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Taking the Shots

AHL we finished taking shots for the script written.
it was really funny, and i think it was good that i didn't get involved in the scenes. i was just director, editor, graphic designer, camera man but not an actor.
i will have to go now to make the effects, then merge the animations with the movie. i hope the final product will b as good as the effort we did.

wt i liked abt the movie is the team work atmosphere enclosed behind the scenes. i just felt that there was no tension, and this was the best thing. because, it happens a lot that i feel tension when executing an laready plan thing. I know it's a "default", but mayb wt was making me getting this situation was the irresponsibility of some participants.

I beleive we will take this adventure again, and everyone participating has developed some new skills he wasn't aware of it.
isn't it my crew?

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The decision

I am totally down.

i feel that i can't get out of this anymore.
i think that i will have tendance to approve the decision that i didn't took a year ago.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Personal DNA

I made the personal test.
i think it was a nice test. there were a plenty of intelligent questions.

my report is

I beleive that every company has to adopt it's own test to standardize it's evaluation concerning new applicants or resident employees.

Mayb the best thing abt that test, that the report is very close to the organizational perspective. somebody can b evaluated as an expert, creator, director....etc.