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Sunday, April 30, 2006

the Script

I am back to a lovely task.

Finally i am back to write sketch to my friends.
the last time i did so was 6 years ago. but i must confess that i enjoy it very much.
the last time i did so , i was an editor and an actor for a sketch of 7 series presented to the poor kids.
Wawww, i can remeber the kids laughs and their interactions with the characters, it was amazing to put smiles on their lovely faces.
i enjoyed getting in the moode with my peers, they were ambitious, active, and enthusiastic persons. they intended just to provide some meaning to the forgotten kids of the forgotten class.

wt can i say?! "C'est la vie".
u can't do anything except watching the life stealing from u all wt u like.

anyway, i was just swimming in my souvenirs.

well, i am waiting for my eSpace friends comments abt the script i have just written.
it is still a secret and can't be published. :)

i hope they like it and they share the opinion.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Is It A Crime?!!

2day, for the first time since more than 4 years, i went to take a siesta.
from my room u can see a magnificant view for the Russian consulate. by default, there is no activity in this consulate. Rarely, u can see the consul getting in or out his place.

i don't know wt a hell has happened, it seems they were waiting for me to go to sleep for the first time:(
once i get in bed and went into deep sleep, i suddenly saw i nightmare composed of noise noise noise noooooooooooooooooise.
it was terrible.
it was a stupid party at the consulate.

i couldn't sleep for more than 10 minutes:( i was really exhausted.

was it a crime to take a siesta?!! IT'S AN INTRIGUE


Friday, April 28, 2006

Wealth and Power.

Thursday, i went to Syriana movie.
Briefly, it is a political thriller that unfolds the bad brokerings deals in Washington to the men toiling in the oil fields of the Persian Gulf.
Actually, the movie is much more deeper than a shallow boring movie. It's a multiple storylines weave together, Each one plays their small part in the complex system unaware of the impact.
that's why u will find "everything is connected" on the movie poster.
It's a great reflection of our own scary reality and the west reality. I consider the movie one of the most neuter movies i have ever seen, mayb the only one.
although it is is a film that warrants your attention. u won't find action scenes, on;y but lengthy and intelligent conversations.
I think this is due to Gaghan's talent.(writer and director)

I recommend u all to see it.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Ω Vs Θ

One day I was watching a conversation between two disfferent sets of persons Ω,Θ.
the funny thing is when u listen to their disput, u will c the essential problem of our culture.
the problem is simply :
assuming {ω | ω ε Ω and ΩΛΘ=Φ}
{ θ | θ ε Θ and ΩΛΘ=Φ}
if u want to categorize all characteristics of human beings into variables , it's okay.
let's assigne "h" to honest, "l" loyality,...etc and assume that a set G represents all good characteristics.
then {i ε G | i = a,..z }
actually, to b honest, this problem cannot b represented by normal sets. the fuzzy logic is the best to fit.
so, ω and θ, everyone of them has a membership function for one of the good characters, and also for the bad ones.

i noticed that for all ω, they think they have fully membership of G, the same for all θ.
θ always thinks he is on the right way, and same for ω.
ω always sees that the θ is the bad member, the same for θ.
how can this be solved?!

it is simply, we miss justice. if θ tries to put himself in the Ω and try to think as he wasn't Θ . i think he will get to other conclusions. at least he will c somenegative points in the Θ.
i will try hard when i get different point of views to put myself in his place, and see wt bad things i did really do. i think this is the key realize justice.

i hope this solves one of our nation's problem( the most dangerous i think)

Monday, April 17, 2006


Two days ago I opened some pieces of code I wrote before. Unfortunately I started to read my code:(

I was disappointed, I have never write sthg worth than that code, and I have never imagined that I will ever do that bad.

I started to think whether I am not so good.

Franckly, I was convinced that if I was that bad, I wouldn't feel that I have written an ugly piece of code.

So, the problem is that I may wrote that code under pressure and my motivation was based on the delivery time.

Anyway, I feel down for wt I saw :(.

I don't like to do sthg that underestimates my skills and my knowledge.

I think that I have to try to do my best to prevent this deterioration.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Starting the Blog

I was speaking with one of my friends. mayb the newest one among my friends:)

I think he convinced me to start my own blog. that's y i am going to write my blog from now.