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Saturday, June 30, 2007

The fall of MS fan

For most of life, I have been a Microsoft user. I wasn't a MS' fan. But I didn't find it was not so bad working on Window, and it was fair enough for me, although it is not perfect.

I had great passion to try the Vista out, the long delayed version, 6 years or sthg. We all read abt it for many years, and how much it will be sthg fascinating and a new..bla..bla..bla
When I tried it on my PC, i was expecting sthg that could dazzle me.

finally, I got Vista business. I was totally wrong, I regret the day i installed Vista.

well, it is beautiful, the 3-D desktop switcher looks nice.
I faced many many problems with Drivers. the problem is not that they r not verified by Vista. the problem that from time to time, I had to redefine the drivers.
my network card kept me to be disconnected. I couldn't stay online for couple of hours. the stupid thing that when it disconnects, i have to press by myself "diagnose and repair" then should also "get IP" to ask the Vista to get another IP. What is this stupidity!!! didn't I define that already in the connection properties!! the answer to that question is the "ALLOW" :))
If u run sthg on vista, and precipitate away from ur PC, don't expect it is working.

u should wait because u will have to answer "Continue with getting a new IP?", "continue with opening this executable file"..etc I really hate this stupid thg in vista. i don't think i have to press 3 clickes just to run exe file..

The gadgets are terrible, I have never turned them on. they are not innovative and poor.

fighting to have a network connection really annoyed me.
this Vista eats the processor and the Memory. it slows down ur PC. without any tasks running ur RAM usage can be 512 MB. to use a PC now. u have to add $X o buy extra RAM for the Vista beast and $Y extra to more powerful processor, don't forget that u will pay for the Vista too :)
it seems to me that Vista price is too high. despite the license price is the almost the same since many old versions of windows, it is too high comparing with HW costs these days. Windows license can exceed 20% of ur costs!!!!

the only thg that may keep windows alive is that majority of mobile tools need windows to sync, and some softwares are not still available for MACs.

anyways, I didn't like the Vista thg.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My Writely Document

I used frequently these days my writely dcocument to share docs with friends. It is nice, I was just installing my windows and I didn't have my openOffice running. Writely helped me to start writing without bothering on installing any office.

but I noticed some problem with it.
If u copy from openOffice and paste in ur writely document, the numbering will be abused in some cases.
Also, if u face a problem with connection, and while disconnection another buddy is updating the Doc, u may have a trouble when ur connection is back.
u will try to refresh to check if anybody has updated the doc while u r offline. the problem is u won't get anythg by refreshing. so, u will think nobody updated anythg.
What is happenning is that when u come back online, the writely will consider ur old version is the most recent update and replace any changes happened while offline. if u didn't put this in consideration u will work on ur old version and didn't get ur buddy's updates.
to get ur buddy's work u have check the revision by urself, and if u find that some work has done while u r offline , click revert to the version preceding the last one.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Erlang Vs Object Oriented

I think that in the future the functional programming community will be at peak. currently I think that the functional communities are too small to beat the Java community.

the functional is easier to any person. any one can write a functional code. Erlang for example has a light VM that can make profit of multiprocessors availability. this doesn't depend on certain compiler that enables parallelism in Java or C.
if you don't care about performance, think about parallelism as simpler way to structure software in a domain where there is a lot of natural concurrency.

I read a paper "Structured Programming Using Processes" in which the author tried to prove that the Erlang was capable to support a personal accounting software application. Maybe you can take a look to it later.

also, I like to point to Yaws, Yaws is a HTTP high performance 1.1 webserver particularly well suited for dynamic-content webapplications. I ma really amazed by its performance.

well, but why Erlang is not widely used till now?
Well the world likes Java. the type safe language. Security in distributed Erlang is “all or nothing,” so when a node is authenticated to another, it can perform any operation.
process isolation is not complete, a process can flood another process with messages, or it can steal all the CPU cycles by entering into an infinite loop.