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Thursday, July 27, 2006

They are still calling me


7 years before. I contributed with my friends from the school in a wonderful activity.
it was a "festival" as entertainment for the poor children.
wt makes me proud that those some of these children are still calling me till now.
here they r now are going to their high education, while i know them while they were in 1st preparatory year, and i didn't c them since this year.

but they still remeber me, calling me periodically.

i felt success to make such effect with the children.

Today i received a call from the little "sarah", the small girl to whom i was explaining maths and science of first preparatory year, she called me telling me that she is now accepted in 2adab faculty and she wish to get the libraries department.
"Allo 'Chef Ahmed' i succeded and i am calling to tell u so"She said.
well, i was known there by 'Chef Ahmed' .

I wish I can make the same effect with all people I meet.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Hello Mr. Instructor

"oh! Hello! how r u bashmohandess Ahmed?"
"I am fine AHL"
"We havea serious problem :( our son is genius but he didn't pass the exams"
"how bad?"
"he didn't pass all the exams"
" :S "
"even the computer and the humanities and the english"

this dialog i heard it many times this year.
a lot of ppl complaining that the there is sthg wrong with the faculty control system. my task as an instructor seems not to be easy. they expect that i am a superman :S
i have challenge with introducing some stupid subjects in the course. i don't know how can i explain (english, computer, production and humanities) courses. ohh! this is terrible for sure. all these subjects are theoretical. There is nthg to do with understanding them!!!

my problem that the worriness i felt in the parents eyes pushed me to feel pity and accept to do it.
I ask Allah to help me.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Bashmohandess Fizo

Today i started my first lessons to preparatory year, faculty of engineering.
I asked myself, y did i agree on doing sthg totally out of my scope in the career and the life?

the answer was that i am not doing that for money, i have no intentiong to gain money from this.
all wt i was thinking abt is that the ppl whom i teach these lessons need deeply the help.
they r american schools graduates, or IG.
the guys have no prerequisites for the faculty of engineering. and they have serious problems in understanding the materials of the preparatory year.

i have always liked to transfer my knowledge to the others, and i think this is very good chance for me to satisfy my targets. i am not just a teacher. i give them guidlines how they should think, and how they should manage their times.

i think it's a wonderful chance for me to achieve sthg on this ground.

but i don't like when they call me "bashmohandess" nor "7adretak". but anywa it is nice to make a prestige:)

walla eh?!!!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Who is the most..?

yesterday i was watching the animal planet...:)
i really enjoyed every single moment. Sub7an Allah El 3azim.

i noticed...muhm! all the males are more beuatiful than the females. in all kinds of animals without exceptions.
but you find the males are doing their best to gain the female. i couldn't say anythg other than "ya 3abit ..3ala eh ya3ni!!"
then i was questioning "y all the males are more beautiful than females except for us.. "
hey!!! y it's the typical case, mayb we r blind just like all other males and think the females are more beautiful!!
who said that they r the most beatiful!!!!

The Second Time

It's the second time I pass out in the house.
but ahl this time was better than the previous time, it lasted for shorter period. also, i didn't feel so bad after conscious.

first i started to feel that all blod is running and explosing from my head.
after that i felt nothing, a white colour flollowed by black one...
then the noise of the ppl arround me, pushing me and shouting to my face.

my dad was arround in both times. in the first time he thought me kidding. but this time he took it seriously immediately.

It seems that I am not healthy, and mayb i will face serious problems in the future isa.

AHL 3ala kol she2.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Yoooooh...this sounds impractical

i hate those guys who "yetfazlek".
i like simplicity, and i a dmire everyone who takes everything as simple as it is. El 7ayah mesh mestahla el fazlaka el far3'a.

i think that fazlaket el 7agat makes the "metfazlek" go in another way totally far of his reality, and he simply forgets the practical part.
for example, if u have a friend"fazlook", and as a friend u want to tell him abt ur problems...don't be shocked of the kind of angry u will feel when he will start to tell u his opinion.
u just feel enak 7atangagerrr men kotr el kalka3a wel la mawdo3eya eli beytkallem biha.
i beleive that there is a big difference between practice and theory.
and i hope that ppl yebatalo fazlaka and think abt the others in a practical way, totally away of their high damn towers...