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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Yoooooh...this sounds impractical

i hate those guys who "yetfazlek".
i like simplicity, and i a dmire everyone who takes everything as simple as it is. El 7ayah mesh mestahla el fazlaka el far3'a.

i think that fazlaket el 7agat makes the "metfazlek" go in another way totally far of his reality, and he simply forgets the practical part.
for example, if u have a friend"fazlook", and as a friend u want to tell him abt ur problems...don't be shocked of the kind of angry u will feel when he will start to tell u his opinion.
u just feel enak 7atangagerrr men kotr el kalka3a wel la mawdo3eya eli beytkallem biha.
i beleive that there is a big difference between practice and theory.
and i hope that ppl yebatalo fazlaka and think abt the others in a practical way, totally away of their high damn towers...

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