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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Listening Carefully

The listening, we have been always taught about the importance and the value of listening. How many among us really understood this value.
I think that majority of us see the following scenario: When there is a call for a meeting, teammates gather and start to talk. Everyone will try to express his vision and his thoughts. ya?
Well, I recommend the contributions, everyone should say anything he wants loud. Put hands on problems during meeting also has a good effect for the trust among the team members.
But what about listening? If you try to listen carefully to the people during your meetings, then congratulations you are successfully reading their minds.
But why can this be important? why should I care about reading minds?

Reading minds will make you the perfect partner. Imagine that you get the point and the vision of your team, won't this make you able to define the priorities of each task? won't you be able to make the quality that fits the expectations of your mates?
When I was just switching my company, I came to the new team with a different culture, stuck to, addicted it actually. I was resisting the other opinions thinking that anybody should listen to my point of view.
After some while I realized that this can't work anymore. Although I am still convinced that I have good point of view. What I changed is that I started to break the ice. I process my managers mind then react on that business. In that way, I always achieve what my managers are just going to ask, I am leading the task.
Managers who can keep the project in the optimum direction while being self-managed are valued.
We need that as the World Crisis lay-off coders. We need to make sure that we are valued.....

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Above the Clouds

Don't go too far..this is not my romantic post for the Valentine 's Month.

Enjoy this paper..
Above the Clouds..is a Berkeley's view of Cloud Computing...If you are interested in knowing some brief issues about the cloud computing, then this is a very recommended reading..link

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Endless Debate

it's again the endless debate..
I should start a new web project, and it's the time to launch a plan, with the tools recipes.

This time I thought about what are the factors that can bind my choice of tools. In general, someone should talk about time limits, security..etc when he plans to pick his language.But is there any other factor that can affect the choice?

The people around you:
Sometimes, you may find resistance from your managers adopting new technologies, that other people are unaware of. It's well known that the average turn over of the developers in majority of Software houses is high to the extent to make any manager keen to put it into consideration. When you adopt a technology different than your peers, the environment will risk isolated islands of software by your leave.
When you work in a team, this problem may disappear. because there will be others capable of handling what you may leave behind.
OOppps, working with team may lead to another problem other than the resistance of your manager. the resistance may come from the team itself, the resistance to adopt new technology and the tendency to work on familiar tools are enough weights to block all your plans to play with something new.
So, you should ask yourself "Is it logic that I pick the Java just because my peers have knowledge of it?"

Some worries:
A matter of fact that majority of developers hate the CSS and HTML classes. when it's time to write the HTML you can see them escaping from doors.
This is just an example, but represents the majority of developers.
Personally, the compatibility of JS and CSS code on different browsers is what makes my nerves.
the worry of making uncompatible code cross the browsers may push you to adopt GWT.
If you are working in a singletone mode, it may be a good choice. but when you are working in an organization where a team of designers are members of your plan, it won't be a wise choice. The designer should take care of your CSS code, and it will be his worry to make compatible CSS.
Are you keen to solve others' tasks by yourselves? if not, then your choice og GWT is unjustifiable.

If your organization adopts and masters a certain framework, then you will have peace....