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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Things we say as a habit

Every 365 days, people just start to list all the bad thgs they had in the previous 365 days.
What I noticed, since I started to be aware of the world around me, that nobody says that the last year was a good year.
Since 1991, ppl says this is the worst year, and they wish the world will become better the next year.

But, this never happens, every year is worst than the previous! Though the advancement of technologies, we are driving the world to miserable year by year.
So, do u ppl say "we wish it better year" from the deep of ur heart? or u just do it as u used to.
I can't imagine for example a president wish his ppl a good year, then send them thousands of miles away to kill other innocent ppl and to be killed!!

Things propagate. If sthg, global-wise, bad happened in 2009, it will continue in 2010.
yes, and bad things in 2010 will be the new bad things.
Then, Bad things accumulate..this is fact. It is enough to wish that we sustain the current bad thgs in the world. As you see, they gave Obama the Nobel prize because he didn't let thgs go worst!