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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Bashmohandess Fizo

Today i started my first lessons to preparatory year, faculty of engineering.
I asked myself, y did i agree on doing sthg totally out of my scope in the career and the life?

the answer was that i am not doing that for money, i have no intentiong to gain money from this.
all wt i was thinking abt is that the ppl whom i teach these lessons need deeply the help.
they r american schools graduates, or IG.
the guys have no prerequisites for the faculty of engineering. and they have serious problems in understanding the materials of the preparatory year.

i have always liked to transfer my knowledge to the others, and i think this is very good chance for me to satisfy my targets. i am not just a teacher. i give them guidlines how they should think, and how they should manage their times.

i think it's a wonderful chance for me to achieve sthg on this ground.

but i don't like when they call me "bashmohandess" nor "7adretak". but anywa it is nice to make a prestige:)

walla eh?!!!

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