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Thursday, July 27, 2006

They are still calling me


7 years before. I contributed with my friends from the school in a wonderful activity.
it was a "festival" as entertainment for the poor children.
wt makes me proud that those some of these children are still calling me till now.
here they r now are going to their high education, while i know them while they were in 1st preparatory year, and i didn't c them since this year.

but they still remeber me, calling me periodically.

i felt success to make such effect with the children.

Today i received a call from the little "sarah", the small girl to whom i was explaining maths and science of first preparatory year, she called me telling me that she is now accepted in 2adab faculty and she wish to get the libraries department.
"Allo 'Chef Ahmed' i succeded and i am calling to tell u so"She said.
well, i was known there by 'Chef Ahmed' .

I wish I can make the same effect with all people I meet.

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magic said...

I know I'd still b calling u..but won't call u "Chef" mind u..i'll call u m3anemi..perhaps foz if i'm in a good mood :)