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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Hello Mr. Instructor

"oh! Hello! how r u bashmohandess Ahmed?"
"I am fine AHL"
"We havea serious problem :( our son is genius but he didn't pass the exams"
"how bad?"
"he didn't pass all the exams"
" :S "
"even the computer and the humanities and the english"

this dialog i heard it many times this year.
a lot of ppl complaining that the there is sthg wrong with the faculty control system. my task as an instructor seems not to be easy. they expect that i am a superman :S
i have challenge with introducing some stupid subjects in the course. i don't know how can i explain (english, computer, production and humanities) courses. ohh! this is terrible for sure. all these subjects are theoretical. There is nthg to do with understanding them!!!

my problem that the worriness i felt in the parents eyes pushed me to feel pity and accept to do it.
I ask Allah to help me.

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