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Monday, July 24, 2006

The Second Time

It's the second time I pass out in the house.
but ahl this time was better than the previous time, it lasted for shorter period. also, i didn't feel so bad after conscious.

first i started to feel that all blod is running and explosing from my head.
after that i felt nothing, a white colour flollowed by black one...
then the noise of the ppl arround me, pushing me and shouting to my face.

my dad was arround in both times. in the first time he thought me kidding. but this time he took it seriously immediately.

It seems that I am not healthy, and mayb i will face serious problems in the future isa.

AHL 3ala kol she2.


Inass said...

1000 salama 3alek ya Ahmad, u sure need to take good care of ur self & ur health. I got really worried about u, it's apparent that u r weak, but these incidents mean one thing, that is "u have to take it seriously". May be I have to make sure that u won't distribute ur meals among ur colleagues any more ;)

magic said...

I think it all relates to us eating ur sandwitches..take a real good care of u MR..you only get to meet a one fizo in this world!!!