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Monday, July 24, 2006

Who is the most..?

yesterday i was watching the animal planet...:)
i really enjoyed every single moment. Sub7an Allah El 3azim.

i noticed...muhm! all the males are more beuatiful than the females. in all kinds of animals without exceptions.
but you find the males are doing their best to gain the female. i couldn't say anythg other than "ya 3abit ..3ala eh ya3ni!!"
then i was questioning "y all the males are more beautiful than females except for us.. "
hey!!! y it's the typical case, mayb we r blind just like all other males and think the females are more beautiful!!
who said that they r the most beatiful!!!!

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magic said...

God made women beautiful & foolish..beautiful so that men like them and foolish so that women will like them back :p