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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My Writely Document

I used frequently these days my writely dcocument to share docs with friends. It is nice, I was just installing my windows and I didn't have my openOffice running. Writely helped me to start writing without bothering on installing any office.

but I noticed some problem with it.
If u copy from openOffice and paste in ur writely document, the numbering will be abused in some cases.
Also, if u face a problem with connection, and while disconnection another buddy is updating the Doc, u may have a trouble when ur connection is back.
u will try to refresh to check if anybody has updated the doc while u r offline. the problem is u won't get anythg by refreshing. so, u will think nobody updated anythg.
What is happenning is that when u come back online, the writely will consider ur old version is the most recent update and replace any changes happened while offline. if u didn't put this in consideration u will work on ur old version and didn't get ur buddy's updates.
to get ur buddy's work u have check the revision by urself, and if u find that some work has done while u r offline , click revert to the version preceding the last one.

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