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Friday, April 28, 2006

Wealth and Power.

Thursday, i went to Syriana movie.
Briefly, it is a political thriller that unfolds the bad brokerings deals in Washington to the men toiling in the oil fields of the Persian Gulf.
Actually, the movie is much more deeper than a shallow boring movie. It's a multiple storylines weave together, Each one plays their small part in the complex system unaware of the impact.
that's why u will find "everything is connected" on the movie poster.
It's a great reflection of our own scary reality and the west reality. I consider the movie one of the most neuter movies i have ever seen, mayb the only one.
although it is is a film that warrants your attention. u won't find action scenes, on;y but lengthy and intelligent conversations.
I think this is due to Gaghan's talent.(writer and director)

I recommend u all to see it.

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