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Sunday, April 30, 2006

the Script

I am back to a lovely task.

Finally i am back to write sketch to my friends.
the last time i did so was 6 years ago. but i must confess that i enjoy it very much.
the last time i did so , i was an editor and an actor for a sketch of 7 series presented to the poor kids.
Wawww, i can remeber the kids laughs and their interactions with the characters, it was amazing to put smiles on their lovely faces.
i enjoyed getting in the moode with my peers, they were ambitious, active, and enthusiastic persons. they intended just to provide some meaning to the forgotten kids of the forgotten class.

wt can i say?! "C'est la vie".
u can't do anything except watching the life stealing from u all wt u like.

anyway, i was just swimming in my souvenirs.

well, i am waiting for my eSpace friends comments abt the script i have just written.
it is still a secret and can't be published. :)

i hope they like it and they share the opinion.


Anonymous said...

1-The interview with Meedo should start with a different question like "Who is Meedo" or "talk about yourself" OR you can show the interviewers with Meedo as talking "with sound muted" and then you unmute sound to let audience hear the conversation with the question you wrote in the script.
2-I actually think that Meedo looks greater than a fresh graduate engineer :) .Ahmed Yehia or Emad maybe more suitable for this role.
3-Also it seems that the current status of the company is that it has only two Employees who are the owners at the same time while this is not the case. You need to show that the company has currently a large number of employees.

A.Abd-ElHaffiez said...

yes, u r right abt the company size. i have to put that into consideration.
Also, valid point abt the interview start.
i will think abt the actors again. mayb Emad agrees to do it or ahmed yehia. but otherwise it is still meedo:)

thx Marwa.

magic said...

To add to the comic atmosphere, in the scene where Mido awaits the interview phone call, you can make some wrong calls which makes him more frustrated and sometimes he gets confused which phone is ringing.
Also add the common question, "is there anything u(the interviewed) ask us(the employers) anythg?
with some comic notes about salary..may b.
I think Mido will look great as a confused applicant:)

seba3y said...

Hi Fizo
great script.
I have only one comment,I think our vision for eSpace people also include:
To have initiative and influence within their technical sphere
(ya3ni: lamma tetla3 7aga gedida betkoon men awwel elli beygarrabooha? tab betesma3 3anha assasan walla la2? tab enta 3omrak et5ane2t ma3 7ad 3al net 5ena2a technical) These are just suggestions. I dont know if they can/need be included or not, ya3ni fakkar fiha...

oldmoe said...

Salams Foz,

Great script and ideas, but i'm really afraid that the execution will trash it away (due to the very short time given for such an important task) if you can simplify it then that would be a lot more feasible i guess, we ba3deen eih 7ekayet Meedo di? ento ma warakosh '3er meedo?

amira said...

fizou :):)
eh ya 3am bas el great work da. la really thumbs up.

these are my comments:

1. I think the intro is good but we need to make it more fun and give zizo and bibo distinct characters. Ya3ni fi scene 3 I think we can make each one move quickly then pose on them with a serious/silly look on the face with a ridiculous background music, write a text like: "zizo, he's a geek and doesn't like elgebna beltamatem", "bibo, thinks he's funny and hates making phones calls". Of course you can think of something much better and funnier.
2.scene four can be shorter and less direct too. Ya3ni for example the dialogue can be after the job fair instead of before. We see them prepare +exhausted and everything with job fair sign or sth (instead of showing they want to recruit someone). I picture them tal3in with a pile of CVs talking about how they presented themselves and how they are want to choose the right candidates.
3.like the nightmare scene but we need real effects to make it seem like one so ppl won't get confused
4. love the interview scene and the wrong thought right thought theme. I think mido is a gr8 candidate. We need to concentrate that the dialogue reflects all the points we want, maybe through the interviewee asking about eSpace goals or vision in the same funny way (ya3ni ento 3ayzin te3melo eh, wala betbi3o bekam)
5.scene 8 needs to be more of a closure. And it has to contain something direct about eSpace too.
6. agree with mido, let's keep it simple

A.Abd-ElHaffiez said...

thx all for ur contribution.

I liked all ur comments.
concerning meedo:)
i want to clarify my point of selecting meedo and zizo;
well i could select my friends (not from eSpace) to be the characters. but the idea was that we needed to clarify how much the people of eSpace r friendly and "sans facon". so the characters must be from eSpace.

choosing zizo and meedo was :
1- both of them r already the interviewers at eSpace, so when an applicant sees them, he will feel comfortable because he saw the movie. (friendliness,...)
2- abt meedo: i think meedo is very funny, and i think he can add to the character more of his talent. the candidate we pick in the movie must be very expressive, good actor and funny. i think meedo can fit well in this character.

Hamdy said...

fizous , the script reflects power of imagination and the ability to transfer a simple theoritical thought to a practical approach.

i have only 2 comments
1. in scene 5 , u wrote "Zizo: el CV da shaklo maktoob kowayess" .. it might be good to say on what basis they said that it was kowayessah and the importance of the initial questionnare and possibly hassan wasel would appear saying how to write a CV to send a message that hassan is our guy there :-)

2. i hoped the flash sceneries would have more description to be able to view the whole picture.

keep going .. we might see your name on a theatre one day ... who knows!!