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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Is It A Crime?!!

2day, for the first time since more than 4 years, i went to take a siesta.
from my room u can see a magnificant view for the Russian consulate. by default, there is no activity in this consulate. Rarely, u can see the consul getting in or out his place.

i don't know wt a hell has happened, it seems they were waiting for me to go to sleep for the first time:(
once i get in bed and went into deep sleep, i suddenly saw i nightmare composed of noise noise noise noooooooooooooooooise.
it was terrible.
it was a stupid party at the consulate.

i couldn't sleep for more than 10 minutes:( i was really exhausted.

was it a crime to take a siesta?!! IT'S AN INTRIGUE



magic said...

Did it occur to you that u r the one who chose the wrong time to take ur nap?! :p

A.Abd-ElHaffiez said...

ya salam???

did u hear abt a party starts at 16:30?!!!