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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Ω Vs Θ

One day I was watching a conversation between two disfferent sets of persons Ω,Θ.
the funny thing is when u listen to their disput, u will c the essential problem of our culture.
the problem is simply :
assuming {ω | ω ε Ω and ΩΛΘ=Φ}
{ θ | θ ε Θ and ΩΛΘ=Φ}
if u want to categorize all characteristics of human beings into variables , it's okay.
let's assigne "h" to honest, "l" loyality,...etc and assume that a set G represents all good characteristics.
then {i ε G | i = a,..z }
actually, to b honest, this problem cannot b represented by normal sets. the fuzzy logic is the best to fit.
so, ω and θ, everyone of them has a membership function for one of the good characters, and also for the bad ones.

i noticed that for all ω, they think they have fully membership of G, the same for all θ.
θ always thinks he is on the right way, and same for ω.
ω always sees that the θ is the bad member, the same for θ.
how can this be solved?!

it is simply, we miss justice. if θ tries to put himself in the Ω and try to think as he wasn't Θ . i think he will get to other conclusions. at least he will c somenegative points in the Θ.
i will try hard when i get different point of views to put myself in his place, and see wt bad things i did really do. i think this is the key realize justice.

i hope this solves one of our nation's problem( the most dangerous i think)

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Hassan Wassel said...

I think you are right in terms of "we all think we are completely right". But I think it is not the problem of situations. It is the problem of being honest against ourselves. I was in a meeting yesterday. This meeting was very useless. Many rightfull cases was told to the man of charge. I think he can do something against some of them but he even didn't take notes of the hardest ones. BTW, the meeting was a punishment one. I mean he held the meeting without even intending to do anything to real problems. He was not honest to us nor to himself.