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Monday, April 17, 2006


Two days ago I opened some pieces of code I wrote before. Unfortunately I started to read my code:(

I was disappointed, I have never write sthg worth than that code, and I have never imagined that I will ever do that bad.

I started to think whether I am not so good.

Franckly, I was convinced that if I was that bad, I wouldn't feel that I have written an ugly piece of code.

So, the problem is that I may wrote that code under pressure and my motivation was based on the delivery time.

Anyway, I feel down for wt I saw :(.

I don't like to do sthg that underestimates my skills and my knowledge.

I think that I have to try to do my best to prevent this deterioration.

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oldmoe said...

dont fear the fact that you wrote bad code, we all did this at one point in time :) with time you'll learn one of two things, either to write good code or to not feel bad about bad code :)