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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Starting the Blog

I was speaking with one of my friends. mayb the newest one among my friends:)

I think he convinced me to start my own blog. that's y i am going to write my blog from now.


TinTin said...

Hi Ahmed, I'm TinTin.
Who is your friend u are tralking about? And what is the reason for starting ur own blog.
I think blogs are like a messy notes, u can't search in them, and also a little number of people may watch it. Also, there's a lot of blogs these days, i think now every person has a blog now. "What A Mess!!!!".

Magic said...

That's right, no need to add to the mess, specially with u fizo..u'll make it a disaster.
Still, hope after a year from now or so, I'll find this blog full of ur achievements.

A.Abd-ElHaffiez said...
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A.Abd-ElHaffiez said...

I didn't think about it as a mess. i thought abt it differently.

U know that in the old days everyone has his dairy. And all histories facts we have in our own libraries are assembled from these diaries.
I see also that reading these kinds of books is a kind of treasure. For example, I will mention a lot of actual names.
El Sadat books..I enjoyed reading them very much because I wanted to live a story of victory in the Sadat's eyes who had the big role in the victory. And u already can realize the noise surrounding El Sadat life, which makes u unable to define the truth. So, I chose to read from his point of view , without caring about anything except enjoying feeling the victory. (a feeling u cannot touch these days)
There are also many examples for these ( Saad Zaghlool, Nasser…)

In USA MalcolmX is one of the most famous books, although it is the story of the famous leader MalcolmX.

Getting from other people experience is a must. And we can't just walk away from our experiences. And the winner who can collect and summarize all these experiences while going through his life.

Abt me, I like writing in general. And sometimes I feel that I want to make sthg expressive abt myself. But writing in papers is not practical for our daily life.
U just stay in front of ur PC more than anyone or anything else.
Expressing urself is a skill, and I think blog is helping u further develop it. This has a very good effect for ur communication skills by return.
From another point, my English languish is becoming a zombie, it is just a mix between very good French and good English.
I believe in few articles, it will become better.
There is no problem that people read my blog. Sometimes, I felt that I want to express myself in an email and then send that mail to my friends. I think blog help me writing whenever I want and without problem.
If it is a problem, there is an option that disables ur blog from being browsed.

Really, sometimes it helps.

Hassan Wassel said...

Hi Abd El-Haffiez,
It is nice to start a blog. BTW, I don't know why I still calling you Abd El-haffiez. I think I am the only one who do.