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Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Fable_The Juniors Revolution(Scene1)

The Fable

"Oh My God! How could you lose such an easy chance?!! come on.. This is not your best". Shouted Aly.

The father "Nabil Yazbak" trotted to see what's going with that noise. "What's up? What was the noise all about?!" Nabil waited few seconds for an answer, but vainly. All what he saw was his son squatting in the dark, gazing with his narrow, dark eyes. Nabil hesitated between posing the question a second time, and leaving his son enjoying his seclusion. Finally he decided to proceed for a short conversation.

"So… You didn't tell me what was it all about?" Nabil shrugged.

"Oh, uh, I am really watching the match" he was attempting to cut off the conversation by pointing to the television.

Propelled by curiosity, Nabil decided to join his son in watching the show.

Aly, motivated by his father's anxiety to join him, volunteered to give his father some information; "it's Portugal dad, uh, against Angola. It should be a good match". He paused; when he saw his dad nodding the head as he was saying 'Go on, I am listening'. He added "the Portugal is talented, while Angola seems to be enthusiastic and eager to success. And I think this all what we need to see real football; hence, real world cup".

Nabil asked in sarcastic accent "and you neglected the real teams?"

Aly got confused by the latter question, he nodded to his father as like he was saying 'that's what I am talking about'.

Nabil pursuit "you have to be aware of the difference between talented team and good team…" he paused when the commentator shouted 'and another chance..Wasted by Cristiano Ronaldo…'

Aly in an admiring accent "oh, how much I like that Ronaldo, he is very talented player. Look, how he did this!"

Nabil took a stab "u mean that any other player could not do better than this?"

Aly jumped in to defend his hero "for sure not, he is very young and talented. I doubt anyone could do better, he’s worth millions of euros, for sure this is due to good reasons. Those people don't pay for worthless people. Maybe you say..". Nabil interrupted. "I don't say anything; I’m not questioning Ronaldo's talent. I just prefer Pauleta or Luis Figo and I give Figo more appreciation". He paused to steal a look at the match, then pursuit "as I see in that ARENA, Figo is an inspiring member, on the other hand I just feel that Ronaldo is interested in his statistics and whether he received individual recognition like a picture in the paper and such sort of stuffs."

Aly took few seconds to digest his father speech, but this time Nabil pursuits without waiting for Aly to discuss the Ronaldo Vs Figo issue. "I believe you don't feel good just because the best C developer is in your team. Do you? And maybe you are sure that the Brazil will win the cup just because the team collects the most talented players in the world". Nabil found that these attacking words were enough for his son, and he thought to give him the time to digest them.

And then he said "or whatever you think, then he left the room"

Aly stayed alone, watching the "ARENA" as his dad referred to the match. He was thinking about the possibility that he could be wrong about his thoughts, and whether his hero was a fake.

Even he seemed to be sobered by the speech, he would never think that from the moment, everything would be an ongoing pain.


Mariam said...

You are wonderful
"Rabina yebarek feek"

Inass said...

I agree with you Mariam ... ameen :)

Ray said...

waiting for episod 2 :)

A.Abd-ElHaffiez said...

jazakom allah khayran for ur compliment.

A.Abd-ElHaffiez said...

thx ray..
sorry for being late:)
it takes a lot of time to write a small part. mayb i need to quit my career and be dedicated to editing :))
it is much more fun.