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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Aly (The juniors Revolution Scene2)


Aly is not an impressive person on paper. You have to meet him to drill in his charm hidden behind his strict countenance.

He is young man, new fresh graduate, motivated, just like any one else of his peers, by the dream of a better world and the promising career.

From age four, the Aly's intelligence was clear to anybody to expect the brilliant future of that skillfulness child.

Aly was a good player. The sport has a big effect on his skills. He was leading his team as a commander in a battlefield, planning, managing, shouting and doing his best to make his team wins.

His teammates were feeling safe just because he is on their site playing with them and giving them the eagerness to win their match. His leadership skills deserved their respects.

Aly has never forgotten that Nabil didn't allow to him to extend his talent to be more than a match at school with the friends. Nabil rejected all Aly's essays to be a professional player. He wanted him to focus on his study, that's all. On the other hand, Aly was thinking that this wasn't reasonable to ruin his talent.

At this point, we moved to another factor influencing his personality. The kind of oppression that Aly felt by his father sway stoked a mutiny toward any kind of manacle.

Aly got the B.Sc of Computer Science, from faculty of engineering, Alexandria University. He was deeply related to his 'Alexandria'; the second largest city and the main port of Egypt. All Alexandria's citizens believe that Alexandria, the shining pearl of the Mediterranean, and the beacon radiating its culture and heritage to the world at large.

The moments when he was taking a walk across the beach, contemplating the sun embracing the blue sea in a magnificent oil painting, were unforgotten. He believed the painting inspired him the peace of mind, and calmness.

Let's back to the career path. During the four academic years in the computer department, Aly was cultivating his leadership skills. Genuinely, the academic life fashion in his department could promote anyone seeking developing his communications skills. By nature, there were a lot of assignments which are delivered by groups and not individuals. Hence, picking the good colleagues interchanges the knowledge and spreads the team culture among the members; recalling that Aly had already some basis culture due to his sport hobbies.

None of the team skills were the attractive key in Aly, they were just a small drop in the sea.

Aly's flexibility was amazing; he has a great ability to motivate himself, to shape his character to accommodate the surrounding environment. His social intelligence was worth all respect from his peers, he could gain the friendship of anyone easily.

Aly has his own shortcomings after all; and who else don't?

The first pace on his career path was getting a job in a good promising software house where he feelt comfortable so far.

But, does feeling comfortable for a period of time mean perfection for Aly!

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