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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A Call For Action

Today I started the donnations Campaign for the Lebanon.
I regret i didn't start it a long time ago, But thanks Allah.
i sent an email to my friends, and i wish they forward it to their friends as well. the email was as following:
Salamo Alekom we Ra7mato Allah we Barakato;

Lebanon's infrastructure was targeted and hundreds of Lebanese civilians were massacred. Over 700,000 civilians [20% of Lebanonï؟½s population] were forced to find refuge in Beirut and the North.Israel has imposed a sea, air and land blockade on Lebanon.
I feel shame for the Arab not showing any kind of solidarity.
I beleive that Our aim is to provide help and relief to the refugees who fled the regions under attack as well as to strengthen solidarity between the Arab citizens regardless of political or religious affiliations. We may try to maintain a steady flow of supplies to families in need, thanks to the financial support of Lebanese, Arab and international contributors. There are already many contacts for organizations inside Lebanon who can offer the support from inside.

i was in a discussion lately with one of my friends abt wt we can do for Lebanon. Specially that Hassan Nassr-Allah announced that they need political support more than money and food. but in my opinion this statement was directed to the leaders, the leaders who attacked Huzab-Allah. and from other point, our reaction toward a lebanon can be interpreted as political support.

we need donnation for Lebanon, we gather money for their relief.
u can donnate through the "international federation of red cross and red crescent societies" (http://www.ifrc.org/)
or u can contact me and i will take the donnations to transfer them insha2allah.
this is at least wt we can do

thx very much for ur time and ur contribution helping our brothers.
they deeply need our support.
waiting for ur call.

salamo alekom we ra7mato allah we barakato.

best regards,

Ahmed Abd-ElHaffiez

May Allah enlarge our effect for Lebanon.

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