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Saturday, August 19, 2006

To be "within a Party" or not to be

I think a lot of joining a political party. I thought of joining "Ikhwan" and "AlGhad", but i was hesitating.
well, why i am still hesitating in that issue. I don't know actually wt's up with me. but I have some thoughts that mayb the cause preventing me from taking this step.

My life style: I beleive very much in the dynamic style. I beleive in short period plans more than long term ones. I prefer to react based on the events I face. I call it "the on the fly reaction". If I want to talk with discuss an issue with somebody an issue, I leave the conversation leads me without preparing something.

This style makes me unlike the "party's style". It is known that the party works on predefined policy and planned attitude.

For some how, I guess I am not an easy person to fellow a leader; Although I am an easy person to be managed. I don't like to be directed in my thoughts and my ideas. I like to analyse the situations based on my mindset.

I can remember the Malcolm X biography. when he was fellowing the NOI (Nation Of Islam) leader Elijah Muhammad and he felt for some how that he doesn't agree finally with all his actions....but it was too late, he continues for some time the fellowship, although he knows he doesn't feel comfortable. It was just the fair of facing his master after all.
I feel that when someone is involved with a party, it is difficult to refresh his ideas and his culture, because in some time he will be just motivated by the "party's inertia" he got a long and long time ago.
Also, I think that the party's engagement makes the person more distracted from the real aim "the nation", because he will b busy defending his party against enemies of other parties, coordinationg his party and fighting the factions....etc

Till the moment I am not involved within a party, mayb i will b later, or i will never b. actually i don't know. i don't plan for this. If i feel the need of joining a party, i will do it. and mayb i am wrong abt my theory, and mayb i shouldn't put it as a generic case or sthg!

but this imposes a big question, are we able to be able to define our path? is each individual can be aware of the impact of his actions on the whole society? are we aware enough of the political tricks?
if the answer is no, then everyone should search how to b able to b an effective cell of the society , to be a "Self Party" or "Mono Party".

Reading, Learning, Observing, Thinking.......
These are not conventions we use only just to pass the exams and get certificates.

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Ziad said...

Just remember that a party is just a means not an end in itself.

Search for the best way that u can contribute and follow it. Just don't stand still