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Sunday, May 07, 2006

I am who I am

Is it about motivation? Is it about talent? Is it a gift? Is it a nightmare?

The movie succeeded.

Most of the people, who saw it, reflected a good impression.

I was wondering what if the movie took more time. What if we did more preparation, what if we did…what if..what if…

I think the challenge was not doing the movie, but doing it in the absence of some major factors.

If I have prepared for the movie a year ago, I won't feel that happiness seeing people laughing. Because when I will c the success I will feel that it is a must after all these days working.

The actors were gr8 actually.

It's first time to me as a director. I felt that I could do more, and I couldn't stop thinking of new ideas that I have had to do in the movie.

I start to believe something, I am not an experienced person at all. But I noticed that when I take a step in a totally new field, I always find some value of talent.

For example, my preferred hobby of aerodynamics. When I started it, I inspired my colleagues of my in ideas building the Plan Body. I was able to make anybody likes my plans and prefer it on the other plans. The kids were considering me as their inspiration. I finally got the republic championship 1998.

Another example, when I started the social activities. I didn't expect that I am that person who can interact with children. I thought I was a very tough guy. I was thinking that sharing my friends in the social activities would b a nightmare. But I was totally wrong; day by day by day I was getting totally shocked. (I am not wt I am)

Another example, I consider joining the CSD was a coincidence and unplanned event in my life. I have never liked the Computer world. I was not interested in it at all during my life; I didn't expect myself as a computer engineer.

Anyway, here I am a computer engineer. Changing my career suddenly could ruin my life. But I was again shocked from my performance in the department. Maybe, I could be better in another place, but I don't know.

My problem that, assuming I will believe that I have some talent, I believe that I am not that kind of persons who reach the topL

I don't know in wt field I can reach the top, or wt field I can b considered an exceptional person!!!

Can I b an exceptional in any field I want?

Or I am just a talent (assuming) guy who has minimum requirements for some positions?

Does "having" some basic ideas in many fields distract me and put me out of focus?

If so, wt should I do?

Am I who I really think I am?!!!!!!

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Ziad said...

Is being at the top the ultimate goal? Or is it the contribution that counts? Or is it doing what makes us happy?

Does it make a difference to add 10x worth or contribution in one field or 1x worth of contribution in 10 fields?

I believe that it requires more courage and self motivation to do the latter, and although it might lead to less recognition it will lead to a much richer character along the road.