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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The decision

I am totally down.

i feel that i can't get out of this anymore.
i think that i will have tendance to approve the decision that i didn't took a year ago.


luckyboy said...

The decsion u had to make it one year ago ?? yeah sure, when u have this feeling don't think twice,just go do it..

oldmoe said...

decision? aint every single move we make a decision? and what should be the status one year ago? is it like the status now? or one year in the future? my take? always be bold!

A.Abd-ElHaffiez said...

the luckyboy enlighted me that taking the decicion is the most difficult and precious thing. but in the same time, you forgot that, a decision made at night may be changed in the morning.
i got a chance 2 go abroad. but i didn't take the decision. i only hoped to take the steps here in Egypt, and c how stuff works. i was hopefully that my life may have a greater meaning when i am achieving sthg here.
unfortunately, i am afraid that my life will b stolen and the years run out without achieveing my goals.
i ur own country u need years and years and years to achieve sthg u can do in short period abroad.

mahmoud said...

it depends on ur goals..

some goals u cannot achieve here even if u stayed for years..
some may..

i don't know.. let's think logic. if there's a goal that can be achieved away in few years. wouldn't it be logic to go forward it and reach it.. then come back with another goal in mind.. isn't this the wise step?
isn't is better than staying here spending ur years for a goal that no one knows when it can be reality..

why do not we make achievements where the progress rate is higher.. wouldn't that be productive.?

i know i'm not that wise.. maybe i won't take that decision if i were u.. but i cannot say that i made the right choice then..
& i wonder who will pay for that bad choice then..

oldmoe said...

Oh, the old problem of here in my country or there in the developed world :). Personally I had the same struggle earlier, whether i should stay or go where the grass is greener ;). But lately i found out something, It just doesnt matter! Here or there, It's more of the same to me, I'm communicating with the same guys, reaching for the same technologies and staying at the edge much like anyone in the states or europe. Or are we lazy enough that we insist on taking private lessons in everything? We need to sit listening to someone telling us "succeed in that way"? I beg to differ. If I like some standard, I'll develop it around me. Period