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Friday, May 05, 2006

Taking the Shots

AHL we finished taking shots for the script written.
it was really funny, and i think it was good that i didn't get involved in the scenes. i was just director, editor, graphic designer, camera man but not an actor.
i will have to go now to make the effects, then merge the animations with the movie. i hope the final product will b as good as the effort we did.

wt i liked abt the movie is the team work atmosphere enclosed behind the scenes. i just felt that there was no tension, and this was the best thing. because, it happens a lot that i feel tension when executing an laready plan thing. I know it's a "default", but mayb wt was making me getting this situation was the irresponsibility of some participants.

I beleive we will take this adventure again, and everyone participating has developed some new skills he wasn't aware of it.
isn't it my crew?

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oldmoe said...

ofcourse Mr. Director :)

I didnt get a chance to be an actor in this movie (i'm camera shy anyway, so i'll pass it!) but i really enjoyed what i saw so far. Big hand for Fizo!