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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Rails...What's next

Referring to my previous post, I made a simple web application using the new installed rails. In the start I was confused, some of my code was not working as expected.
I just left rails for 2 months, what a hell has happened??? Did I forgot anything about rails!!

the first thing not working with me was the templates..oh, the naming convention was changed in new rails.
So, instead of "show.rhtml" i should name it "show.html.erb". I don't like when the naming conventions are changed, but the naming change was not on the MICROSOFT way. it was reasonable change. this convention was inserted to support multiview, now, i will be able to support many templates "show.json.erb", "show.html.erb"..etc
This is really interesting.

Many of things have changed!! even the migrations.
they are completely different...look more friendly than before.

Something makes me worry is that the ruby environment is too liquid. in a release a lot of things can happen.

The environment I work within now doesn't help me to follow the rails move...I am worry that I loose track.

Happy rails.

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