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Friday, January 11, 2008


Today, I spent the majority of time reading about Arab in Al-Andalus.
I was impressed about the cultural mix going on there, and then the way that the mix was replaced by racism and foolish. I was very impressed about how the Arab affected the Spanish history(real history), and how this was completely denied in the Spanish memory/history.

The Spanish kings tried to clean any arab existence in Al-Andalus, but they couldn't clear their inner respect to this Amazing Civilization so that they kept all the palaces and cities as they were.

I read magnificent things about Alhambra palace. I wish I can pass by this great architecture some day. I was really impressed by the architecture, the mathematics. the palace represents the peak of craft for architecture and mathematics.

و دقيت على باب الأمل و الصبر .. ما جاوبني غير الصدى
مات الزمان .. و الأرض صبحت قبر .. و تطل عيني على المدى
آه .. يا ولدي
إيه أكتر من ده دم؟ إيه أكتر من ده هم يا أمة العرب؟
حنموت إذا مات الغضب
اترملوا الأرامل .. و اتيتموا اليتامى
و دم الشهيد اللي اتنسى .. حرام ولا حلال يا عالم؟
و دم الشهيد اللي اتنسى .. حرام ولا حلال يا خلق الله؟
يا أمة العرب .. هل متِّ؟ هل هنتِ؟
أرض العرب بتُغتَصَب و بتُغتَصَب
فين العروبة و الرجولة و الرجال؟
فين الخطاوي اللي حتعبر المحال و تجاوب السؤال؟
يا أمة العرب .. شيء من الغضب
شيء من الغضب .. شيء من الغضب

يا امه العرب
كلمات عبد الرحمن الابنودي
من فيلم عمر المختار

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