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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

What Keeps me Happy at Work?

I like to be more related to my tasks and feel more productive. This should be done by improving my life style to feel some kind of achievements and renewing my habits continuously.
  1. Pause your computer: it is not necessary to turn it off, but at least i take few seconds to make a small walk to refresh my mind and give my eyes some rest.
  2. Don't check my email at the start: A lot of people check their email at the start of the day, once they arrive at their disks. I think this is not good attitude. I check the email related to my tasks first, then start on my tasks. I check emails after i finish, or when i go home. I finish my top priorities first.
  3. Drop tasks: frequently I drop tasks I find that they are less important. hence, I have always an inner satisfaction that I should not always finish my tasks list.
  4. Learn from my faults: I find it a great habit to be ready to hear people's criticism about myself and discuss it with them open-mindly.
  5. Be Creative: I like to achieve my tasks in a creative way. I should try always to add value to my work.
  6. Learning: look for ways to add to my knowledge by following new trends and new technologies.
  7. Evaluate myself before anybody evaluates me: I try to reconsider my habits and my behaviors periodically. Try to break any negative habits I have in dealing with my team, or with customers.
  8. Take Vacations: :)
  9. Be Positive: Add positive effect on people around you, and avoid their negative impact.
  10. Add to conflicts: when I have conflicts with others, I should try to think about a way of how to accelerate the disappearance of that conflict.
  11. Focus: when I am in a task, I focus just on this individual task. I avoid tasks mazes.
  12. share my achievements with others: I should communicate my achievements to my team to feel the value of our work all together. We should Speak up and find ways to let the right people know how we are contributing to the success of the company.

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mahmoud said...

u r listing the best practices my friend...
keep that up :)