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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Flock's Distraction

Every nation had passed by hard times through its history. Hard times are mainly harsh realities of war and economy.
The way to overcome such moments discriminates the nations and determines which nation will dominate the others.
I don't get why we always obfuscate our problems, the government is not honest in the press releases about any event. Actually, it is not surprising to see that the country's obsession with celebrity is increasing during the last 60 years.
People look for escape during hard times. It is an acceptable way to reduce your pain. I admit that there are a lot of evidences of how this can be used positively. But my concern is that when it becomes to a daily routine running over and over by everybody.
Someone uses people's need to a constant in their lives and a hero who can boost morales by devoting more interest in Celebrities such as famous actors or athletes.
We should try to make the mentality more mature , not to destroy it by making it a shallow mentality seeking gossip columns and films posters.
The best way to face your problem is to know it, not to escape it.
It becomes annoying when a citizen feels that his country is forgetting his pain. Instead, all what his country is doing is to love its celebrities.
Japan didn't submit to these silly procedures after its defeat. they focussed to restructure their country, and they did it as a charm.

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