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Friday, August 31, 2007

Gapple: A google phone!!!

A HTC insider sent us a tip this weekend about an upcoming gphone coming out of Taiwan that should launch Q1 2008.

Google can make use of web service integration(gmail,google docs, ..etc). Google maps/GPS will play a big role to add to the Gapple features. In this way google can be really tight to anybody's life. online synchronization will be a feasible feature, you won't need any m/c to access ur life as u already have ur blog/gmail/docs/../../../etc on ur phone. this is really awesome.

Actually i don't know how google is going to compete with iphone? It's clear that they will provide a variety of features unavailable for iphone users.
but how about Hardware? is HTC able to compete the Apple slickness? the same issue for OS!!
iphone reached already 700,000 users and still counting. So, Google should be very wise to compete this mountain and to convince all these users to migrate their mobile device to Gapple. They can focus on services, cost (given that iphone remains expensive). so 100$ down cost can be good factor for migration.
Anyway, let's see how this will go.

By the way, iphone is on top of my wish list (it's not available yet here in Egypt) you can buy it for me on my birthday !!

google is not the only company moving to the phone worlds, there are rumors that Microsoft is trying to buy BlackBerry!!!!

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