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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Today, my dear bike was stolen :S
I left it in front of the CS department in Purdue University, at 11:30 PM. When I came out in the morning at 5:10 AM to go home, it was gone!!!
a3aaaaaaaaaa :'(


morshdy said...

Oh Isn't it safe out there?

Amr Ebaid said...

May I ask what you were doing at that time???!!!

A.Abd-ElHaffiez Hussein said...

@ Morshdy: No place is safe. I think it is still safer than another place u know it well :S
@ Amr: I didn't feel like sleepy on that day, and I decided to wait for Fajr Prayer reading in the lab.

Anonymous said...

fe oregon hena fe wa7ed gazmeto 2estsare2et fe salat el gomaa