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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Worst Case

This entry is not an algorithm related entry. I used to used this expression in expressing the complexity of algorithms solving problems.
The matter of fact that I realized a year ago, that it is not just a stupid expression you plot accompanied with my stupid answer to problems.
It is really a matter of life, Whenever I am waiting for an event or submit for something I always get the worst case as a return. and again it is not an algorithm complexity.

  • I had many weird circumstances applying to universities.
  • I had a problem with my pic submitted to the embassy. mistake done by the photographer.
  • Re-do my finger prints because of Computer failure at the embassy.
  • I get problems with my tickets on all the planes I took to arrive USA, 3 problems with three different tickets.
  • I was hold in the registration office at JFK for investigations.
  • Got a water leak on my first night in the apartment.
  • Whenever I try to get a shuttle, it is late.
  • My paper work is always done by just the deadline, still waiting for my SSN, MEdical insurance..etc and nthg yet.
  • Ask deaf ppl questions among all the others.
  • Bad grades in courses, and bad output in my RA work .
  • Positive tests in immunizations after taking all of them (this also a worst case, probably ppl got some of them)
I started to wonder if this is a sign, or what. Maybe I am not welcomed here!
I am really depressed.


ymikhail said...

It is a sign you are having a Fresh Start. Cheer Up! at least there are People follwing your blog!

Fizo ya3ref ya3ref :)

mahmoud said...

u also have to be unique in a way or another :)

cheer up man... it is temp