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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Algorithm can be dangerous

May be I am writing this down because it was the first time I pay money for thinking about my algorithm assignment.
This assignment was not trivial and students were keeping asking and talking about it. I started to question my solution and If I should review it once again, I felt hungry, went to to KFC with friends, ordered my lunch, and then suddenly the proof of correctness jumped to my mind.
I am not sure what was happening or going around me, but suddenly I found the cashier asking me to sign to approve for my donation.
I found a logical explanation that the cashier asked me if I want to donate for something, and It seems that unconsciously I agreed while drawing my proof on the background of the cashier.
After all, it was not so bad, at least it is a donation. Just this is a reminder that I should be disconnected from assignments.

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