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Friday, September 25, 2009

Endless Enchelada

-Where should we go today?
-Let's go to the Mexican restaurnt.
-Ok, why not? let's try sthg new.
-OOh this is a huge place, this is waste of resources!
-Ok never mind, let's what they do have for dinner.
-This the day of "Endless Enchelada", I will try this Enchelada thg.
-How can I help you sir for tonight.
-Yes, plz we want three endless Enchelada and 1 Sea Food Fajita and another one steak Fajita.
-ok, sure, I will be here with the crisp.
-We are Egyptians, How can we eat beans in a mexican Restaurant in US!!! This is shame.
-yes, sure.
-sure sir.
-Can we replace the beans in the Fajita and the Enchelada with anythg else.
-We have Beans X, Beans Y..
-No no, anythg not beans :)
-yes, mashed potatoes.
-me too, me too, me too.
-yes sir.
-Can we have more Crisp.
-OOH!! you guys are too fast!
-yes, we are.
-you have two choices, bring more crisp right now, or come with the main dish.
-Ok, I will do it right away, oh my god, you were really too fast, u did finish all that!
-after another thought, few minutes and I will be back with the food.
-Ok, we are fine.
-Here you go.
-Plz, Can I have another Enchelada.
-Me too.
-Me too.
-Really, guys you are impressing me. You want more Enchelada! I wonder where do you small guys hide all that food!!!!
-!! howa mesh shayef el 3adhalat wel gessm walla eh!!!!!!

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