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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Will we say Goodbye to RDBMS?

Through my work in the last 2 web projects I made a different architecture different that the usual ones.
The projects depend basically on a powerful multilingual search engine.
Using the Lucene technology for both projects created a big bunch of index files.

All I did, that I made all the navigation in the site be done through the search engine. So, I don't need to retrieve data from DB anymore.
Of course the site is dynamic, I think that I can just rebuild the index file from time to time(from scratch)..and if the site you work on has huge index files that will take months to be rebuild then you can rely on the (add/delete) command in the Lucene.

But in all cases, I expect this will future of Data storage. later, I figured out that Google App Engine provides way to connect directly to the BigTable.
Also, many Document based storage were released such as CouchDB build in Erlang (my beloved language) and thrudb.

I expect to release technical details about the architecture and the tradeoffs.

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