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Friday, October 31, 2008

Controversies with team Work

Everytime I think about a team work, I look at the spirit between the mates, their achievement and the dysfunctions that can affect their work.
I didn't even try to pay attentions about what a team-mate can think about a team-work! the members are the core of the team; so, why I was looking to the team as a whole and forget about members!

One of the reasons, and maybe the major one was the self concept persisted in myself. These basic ideas about how team should be organized and how work should be achieved made me biased toward my own idea about the work! I forget totally that others her their own thought and their own perceptions.

Team has wider range of knowledge, that's true. the expertise you can collect from a team exceeds the ones collected from individuals.
We can tell hundred of stories about team failures. Just to gather their flow on the plan to start with wastes unaccepted time.
...we can talk about these contradictions for 10000 of posts.

Anyway, why some real contributors may not like team-work?
- their lazy mates did not make real contributions.
- Recognition of a well done jobn goes to all the team. not necessarily to the main contributors.
- Influencing people, who are not really brilliant technical contributor have negative effect on your team's pace. It may be sometimes enough for those people to say "this idea won't work" to find all your team switching from this current process to another idea proposed by the "influencers".

Do you have the management tool to recognize member's effort? to insure load balancing? to protect your team from unplanned and unexpected interventions? to appreciate your workers for their achievements? Are you fair with applying rules?

If you do miss any of these skills, then you would better be checking your teams before you loose them!

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