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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Taysseer Zi El Menna ( the History)

"Taysseer Zi El Menna" started as an ambitious project to assemble islamic contents and provide them to the user hands in a very easy way.
We noticed that majority of implemented islamic web-sites/applications were poorly implemnted.
For example, the search was limited to exact search, or %like%.another aspect was the repository used to implement this search. if it was Database it was very slow, or limited to a specific book.
At that time we decided to implement a desktop application that assembles some islamic books abt "tafsseer" (Quraan explanation) and make a more advanced search techniques. we used Lucene to provide morphological search.

The end product was something good (Java desktop application) . But we didn't pay much effort to distribute this desktop application.

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