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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I bet that the most aspect ppl are trying to optimize through their lives is "Parking".
You think abt the parking before u get ur car.. Then every day, we care abt finding a spot for our car, and the spot should be near to our destination, with enough space on the two sides..
we may go further by putting the other cars into consideration...

Just think abt that, u may find that we use more optimization algorithms than we do to get married.


mahmoud said...

it seems u have a lot of spare time out there :)

Actually parking is measurable... u can directly feel the result of not find a place to park in, by just going around searching and being late to whatever u were going to.

morshdy said...

"we do thinking on where to make shopping for less 0.25pt per item than we do when picking a new car!" --Quoting D.Knuth betasarruf