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Monday, January 04, 2010

$12 of Crap

I am not believing I am writing about this.
I preferred to let it out of my mind by posting this entry, better than keeping it inside my petty head.
It is easy to get depressed these days. Just try to act as the superhero who has plans to change the entire damn world. You probably will wake up by a kick in the head.

It started when I expressed that I like to get involved with an organization that should have some positive role in the environment I am in now.
I sent an email announcing that I represent my region. That's all wt we did.
After that, I received an email from the organization with the following message included: "we are happy that you like to represent my region but where the hell have you have been all that? Why didn't you pay the membership fees all that time? Why Suddenly you decided to join the organization?"
From my side, I did not know there is a membership fees.
Also, It is my first semester in USA. It is logical that I was not there all the past time.
and concerning the question "that why suddenly I decided to join?", it is simple, I have just hear abt it couple of weeks ago.
Anyway, I asked wt is the fees?
-Damn..All this email of rude words for 12 bucks!!! What a hell are these guys doing!
for those who don't know, you can buy lunch in restaurants by 17 bucks.
So, instead of just guiding me through steps. they picked the harsh way swearing that they are not accepting attending the meeting without paying the fees!!
Wt bloody rules they are trying to protect! is gathering the $12 more important than attracting the new students and building a stronger community. Did they guys forget that $12 is a "symbolic" fees that has nothing to do with the service/support that this organization should support!
The man who wrote this email probably spent a big time formalizing these stupid lines (more than 15 lines) and he CCed and BCCed bunch of ppl. Didn't he try to be practical for God sake! and know that the time he spent and the time all these ppl spent reading his rudy words costed more than the stupid $12 he asks for!
Can't we do sthg right! Wt a crap!


mahmoud said...

wow.. didn't know u have those kind of employees out there as well..

cheer up man... this is a person with a limited role and mindset... i bet he never volunteered for anything in his life...

A.Abd-ElHaffiez said...

No 7ooda.
He is a PhD Candidate. and this thg is volunteer issue!!
But you may be right. 3er2 el mowazafeen lessa 3ayesh feeh.