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Friday, March 20, 2009

Erlang propaganda

It's weird when I first noticed the propaganda around Erlang specially in 2007..Everyone was going crazy talking about Erlang.
You can see it is not the case the last year.
I was thinking that maybe this was due to the launching of other languages built on Java. the new languages like Scala, Clojure made many enhancements to the concurrency problems in the Java model while preserving the knowledge and the libraries of this famous language.

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Ibrahim ahmed said...

I was following Erlang and Haskell languages news closely during last 2 years. And surely Erlang news was in decline as you noticed during 2008. May be it was overrated or a marketing buzzword for some "pragmatic" publishers to sell their books. But the need for another programming paradigm to solve current software engineering problems is too obvious to ignore. And I may add to reassure you that after knowing about Erlang is that it is here to stay. That said, you encouraged me to take a look on Clojure though.