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Friday, December 12, 2008

Working with Fonts on Linux

I am in a project where I need to collect documents created on various environments to the Linux system.
An important aspect is to preserve the fonts as much as we can. So, for example I need to import fonts from Windows to Linux.

first to know the fonts you have already on your ubuntu/debian distributions run the following command.
$ find /usr -iname \*.ttf
The fonts should be in the /usr/share/fonts directory.

To install the Webcorefonts run the following command
$ sudo apt-get install msttcorefonts

In case you need more fonts, you can get them directly from the windows folder:
$ cd /usr/share/fonts
fonts$ mkdir newfonts
newfonts$ cp imported_fonts_path .
newfonts$ chown root.root *.ttf
newfonts$ chmod 644 *.ttf
newfonts$ mkfontdir
newfonts$ cd ..
fonts$ gedit fonts.cache-1
fonts$ ##append the following to the end of the file ["newfonts" 0 ".dir"]
fonts$ fc-cache

If you like to learn more about fonts on linux..visit this page

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