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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Aiming at SVG..Experience Rich Web

I think that the future will be for the SVG replacing the normal image formats..
First time for me to hear about SVG was when I was discovering the Batik. I liked at that time the easy way the batik provide access to SVG.
But I didn't go deep with this as SVG couldn't be used with web products at that time.
Currently, the latest versions of Mozilla is supporting SVG, and work is still going to fully integrate it to the firefox. check the Mozilla SVG project for further information.
Opera also announced that it has support to some extent for the SVG
Adobe released Adobe viewer which is a plugin to support SVG in browsers, though I prefer a native support without relying on plugins.
So why someone should use SVG instead of normal image formats in web:
  • SVG is a vector format, SVG images can be printed with high quality at any resolution.
  • SVG is plain text, it's W3C standard. So, you can deduce that it is much more easy to compress these text formats.
  • As it is text .. then SVG support search in text! Suppose you implement google maps on SVG then you can search the text in the maps. (interesting)
  • Did you worry every time by the level of zooming you provide vs the resolution you have for your image? With SVG there is no worries about pixelization with increasing zooming level. You can get very good zooming quality.
  • You can get the same effect you want with Flash as the SVG supports animation.
  • It's open source if you seek openess.

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stelt said...

Much more SVG.

Google Maps already uses SVG.

All browsers except IE do SVG natively. Opera currently is the best.