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Friday, August 29, 2008

Weird notice about human process

While I was reading, I noticed something very strange:
the definition of Prosopagnosia is known as the difficulty to remember faces.
While the Agnosia is the inability to recognize and identify objects or persons despite having knowledge of the characteristics of those objects or persons. People with agnosia may have difficulty recognizing the geometric features of an object or face or may be able to perceive the geometric features but not know what the object is used for or whether a face is familiar or not. Agnosia can be limited to one sensory modality such as vision or hearing.

It is also known that the Prosopagnosia patients don't have profound Agnosia.
Does that mean that the face recognition for human is a separate process?

Subhan Allah.

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sierra said...

hm.. actually the word "Agnosia" rings a bell to me .. "Agnostic"