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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Pairing, something I missed for so long

"The code should always be written by two programmers on one machine". Is it a rule? ...yes, in the XP world.
don't think it's waste of resources..Today, I found many issues in the code making me beg my environment to introduce a code review in the development process.

But before you go deep into this, you have to know that pairing is not a competition to show who is the best programmer. In order to maintain this , a good common practice is to ask questions.
Also, remember that the questions should eliminate the "why" thing. A lot of ppl don't like it.

The most important thing that I forgot to do when I was reviewing is the acknowledgment for the successful piece of code. Instead I kept focusing on hunting pitfalls, which I believe is a bad behavior that I should avoid the next time :(

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