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Saturday, April 12, 2008

The First Cavalryman

"O Prophet of Allah, go ahead with what Allah has inspired you to do. We will stand by you. By Allah, we will never say as the Children of Israel said, `So go you and your Lord and fight you two, we are sitting right here.' Instead, we will say, `Go you and your Lord and we will fight with you.' By Allah, Who has sent you with the truth, if you take us to the end of the world, we will tolerate all hardships until we reach it with you. We will fight on your left, your right, in front of you and behind you until Allah bestows victory on you."AL- MIQDAAD IBN `AMR

AL- MIQDAAD IBN `AMR known as the first cavalry Muslim to strive in the way of Allah... He was once adopted by Al-Aswad lbn Abd Yaghuuth. thus was called Al-Miqdaad Ibn Al-Aswad, and he retained his father name "Amr Ibn-Saad" when adoption was abrogated by Islam. that man show wisdom, intelligence and courage.

One of the quotes said by Al-Miqdaad was the difference between Prophet(PBUH)'s companions and the followers.
When a man addressed Al-Miqdaad saying: "All kinds of happiness are for these eyes which have seen Allah's Prophet (PBUH). By Allah, we wish that we saw what you have seen and witnessed what you have witnessed."..Al-Miqdaad Said "Why should anyone wish to witness a scene that Allah did not wish him to see? He does not know what it would have been like if he had witnessed it or which party he would have been among if he went back in time. By Allah, Allah's Prophet (PBUH) saw people who were thrown right into hell, so you should thank Allah that you were spared such a trial and were honored by firm belief in Allah and His Prophet (PBUH)."

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