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Thursday, May 03, 2007

The BlackWater's Danger

I think the phenomenon of BlackWater is too dangerous concept...
The USA uses these kinds of gangs to fight for them instead of get involved in IRAQ, Afghanistan.
These gangs cannot be punished for war crimes, because they are not nothing actually. they are not a military, nothing except...........
They achieved numerous massacres in IRAQ and Afghanistan, wearing Navy Uniform.

Privatization in Egypt is totally different than privatization all over the world :)...This is about the privatization of war and how that subverts even basic notions of democracy. The blackWater is used as a mirror for "Radical Christian Right".

If we are still not aware of wt does this really mean...then here we are..
Blackwater is also the name of private company, formed by an ex-Navy Seal, which owns the training facility and sells "security" to countries or organization doing business in high-risk areas of the globe.

Blackwater's security services included making available - for a price - a small army of heavily armed, experienced mercenaries with access to their own helicopter gun ships, armored vehicles and war planes.
Some says that in 2006, Blackwater had 2300 soldiers deployed in nine countries with a database of 21,000 additional on-call mercenaries.
Where these soldiers come from?????
There are EX-Special Forces from US and UK. they simply can't find inner peace in thir civilian life, so they looked for wars in other countries (Islamic ones). We don't need to say that they r very cruel, experienced, commandos, seal...etc everythg we may think about.
the BlackWater can defeat a significant number of countries.

Some others confirmed that Blackwater has won - on a sole-source basis - more than $500 million of US government contracts, not including unlisted "black" contracts. In addition to Iraq, Blackwater has contracts for work in the Louisiana flood area and on the Mexican boarder. The total global value of private military security contracts is estimated to be $100 billion and rising.

Aren't these terrorist gangs?
they make me sick, that's enough for now :S

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