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Friday, May 04, 2007

The 100 most Influential Personalities

Time magazine.....Created a list of the 100 most influential people in the world.
The Saudi monarch Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz was ranked 36 among the 100 most influential personalities on the political level in the world for 2007. The list included personalities from diverse backgrounds, including Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir, along with Egyptian Islamic preacher Amr Khaled. It was striking absence from the list the name of the American President George Bush, leaving the place for Osama bin Laden and the Pope Benedictos XVI and Al Gore, Leonardo de Caprio and others. For the politicians, the list included the name of the American Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, and the Supreme Leader of the Revolution, the Iranian Ali Khomini, and Raul Castro, brother of Cuban President, along with the Democrats, the main candidates to the American presidential elections of 2008, Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama, in addition to the Chairperson of the American House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi. The 34/39 former U.S. Vice President Al Gore in the category of "scholars and thinkers," along with the co-founder of Microsoft Paul Allen.
In the category of "heroes and pioneers," the name of the multi-millionaire Warren Bouvet, and French soccer star Thierry Henry and an activist in the issue of Darfur Representative George Cluny. It also named for the founder of the site "youTube" electronic videos on the list and the name of the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs.

The journal does not rank such personalities, not necessarily to justify why chosen figures, only saying that it wants to honor the "men and women who change the world using their talents, their authorities or their moralities"

This is a strike to the Egyptian system, choosing Abdullah is an indication of the absence of the Egyptian effect on the middle East, where Egypt has been always the most effective player. Currently, it is really obvious that Saudi Arabia stole this role from Egypt.
We don't forget picking Amr Khaled is also a big strike, there were rumors that Amr Khaled was forbidden from Egypt because of the worry of his effect on the Egyptian people, and he faced a lot of Media battles to deny his effect and his role in the islamic world.

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