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Saturday, March 10, 2007

From Consultance to Danger

From time to time, I try to remain connected to postgraduates classes. I find pleasure to meet people there and to refresh my head with academic tones.
Among the classes, I prefer the "Advanced Web Programming" the most. Sometimes I contribute as an audit!!! It may look strange, specially that I am a new born in the web technologies world.
The course is under supervision of two professors. One of them was going to chase me out, he thought that I represent a danger to the students. "Students knowing me well can rely on me as a friendly consultant and as a knowledge resource, they are going to be lazy" he thought so.
On the contrary, the other Professor thinks that I am a good guy, giving help to my colleagues, through my business oriented experience.
the third party is the students, they want me to come every Saturday to attend the lectures with them! some of them felt guilty while I was accused by the Professor.

I really like to help as much as I can, I can't stop this. in the same time I don't like lazy people.
but I have a theory about this...The students I deal with are not lazy, all wt I do is providing them the help through our conversations. When I figure out that who I am dealing with is not doing his best I start to to minimize my contribution with him.
I believe that we need to focus more on the keeping connection between different generations. Undergraduates should benefit from graduates experiences. but currently what happens is totally different; Only TAs are the ones involved with undergraduates.
Maybe I am wrong, maybe I am right. but I am convinced in what I am doing.

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mahmoud said...

i do miss those classes myself.. college classes in general.. i attended less than 4 post-graduate classes...

connection between generations.. it is an important thing alright.. TAs aren't colleagues to the students as other non-TAs graduates.. they usually make the teacher student barrier even unintentionally..

i remember after starting work at eSpace, i was still attached to college.. to interaction with professors, TAs and my colleagues.. i did like that environment..

i thought of going to college and give sessions about real world experience.. thought how this would be useful to students.. i know it would have been useful and guiding to me when i was in their stage..

yet.. passive like all... :(

it is good u still have connection to that world Ahmed. don't leave it.. it is so valuable..

and don't care about professors.. we know what is good for students.. we were ones.. we've seen the defects.. we've seen the merits of what was there in our days..

good luck