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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Norman Finkelstein Lecture @ Purdue

Despite all odds, All assignments..I managed to attend a lecture presented by Norman Finkelstein..
He is very good guy, Really impressive in the way he demonstrates his case.


Khadiga said...

very nice lecture. although i haven't finished it yet, it seems to be very good.
do you know who was the organizer of this event? the MSA or other group?

i have another question, what about the attendees? most of them were Muslims or they were a collection of all types of students?

great that you attended an event like that. i think it's really imp to see how others think about us. i don't mean only the speaker's way of thinking, i mean everyone around us.

A.Abd-ElHaffiez Hussein said...

SJP, purdue Students Justice in Palestine is the organizer.

The majority were muslims. but i asked old students and they said that this time the percentage of non-muslims was high.

There are also american activists , i can't remember their name, i had a quick chat with them during the lecture. they r against involvement of US in all wars around the world. they want the soldiers back home, and one of the cases is the involvement of US in palestine. These activists seemed promising. I will try to remember their name isA.

Well, I hope I do sthg better than just attending and being impressed by the others.